Top 5 Places To Visit In uk

Top 5 Places To Visit In UK With Photos (2018)

The UK is composed of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Top 5 Places To Visit In UK has been a long time favorite for European tourist destinations. It has beautiful countryside and historic cities you can explore. Topnotch museums and outstanding theaters are there to awe the visitors. You can enjoy the view of medieval castles and stately mansions. There are a lot of diverse places to visit for you in the UK. And you can do all that with your best fishing backpack. Here are some places for you to visit:

1. Cambridge:

cambridge places to visit

Cambridge is the charming English city that is located on the River Cam. This city is just north of London. It is home to one of the world’s top universities. You can witness all the culture and there are entertainment options for you. There is the King’s College Chapel that is along the River Cam which you can explore. It is considered to be fine example of Perpendicular Gothic architecture. Hence it is a very widely visited sight in this city.

2. Snowdonia National Park:

Snowdonia national park

Snowdonia is quite the awesome national park. You cannot find any better words for describing the stunning 360 degree views. It consists of mountains, valleys and even coasts below. On clear days you can even see Ireland. Locating along the coast of Wales, it is home to Snowdon. Snowdon is the highest mountain of Wales and England. It also has the largest lake you can find in Wales. This is the third largest national park in the UK.

3. Chester:

chester city centre

Chester is not far off from Wales’ border. The city of Chester lies on River Dee of Cheshire, England. The city is over 2000 years old. It means there is plenty of history, culture, and architecture for you to explore. All of this spans eras. You may find distinctive 19th-century black-and-white revival architecture all across the city. The Roman and medieval walls encircle the city. These are indeed one of Chester’s biggest attractions.

4. Edinburgh:


Visitors of Edinburgh must prepare themselves to witness history. From cobblestone streets to the Edinburgh castle; all of it is symbolic of Scotland’s capital. You will find out that Edinburgh is steeped in history once you visit. It begins with the Old and New Towns that have more than 4500 historic buildings. Old Town is the home of Edinburgh’s most famous street, the Royal Mile. It connects the Edinburgh Castle with the Palace from Holyroodhouse. New Town is not actually new. It dates back to the 18th century for formation. You can see neoclassical architecture here.

5. Stonehenge:


This is one of the most famous sites of all time. Stonehenge is composed of a lot earthwork. It surrounds a circular setting full of large standing stones at South West England. It is the home of a lot of important Neolithic and Bronze age finds. You can bear witness to about 200 scheduled monuments. Around 250BC, Neolithic and Bronze age people started bringing in Bluestone and Sarsen stones to the place.

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