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Top 5 Web Designs Trends to Rule 2019

Technology is all about upgrading thanks to that web design trends keep changing. Here we will introduce you to the top 5 design trends that are to rule the web sc

In today’s digital age, it has become a basic necessity for businesses to have a functional and well-designed website. This goes for both small and big businesses. Your website acts as your virtual business card. The client will visit the website and go through your services and products, before purchasing or availing them.

 This is the standard practice among consumers. The website needs to be accessible with good navigation and fast loading time and look attractive. All these depend a lot on how you design your website. Hence the importance and dependence on web designs.


To understand the importance of web design, you need to get inside the shoes of a consumer. Websites are like virtual shops, where a consumer expects that all the products and services will be displayed for them to understand and browse through. Anything that is attractive, whether it is the layout, the use of colors, etc catches the eye of the visitor. But above all consumers look for clarity and good navigation.

To put it in simple terms, what shop fitting does for retail, web design does the same for websites. A well-designed website can guarantee you boost in sales and an increase in the revenue. As per an industry survey:

  • A website generates about 25 percent of the total revenue for most small businesses
  • Most companies saw a boost in sales after creating a mobile responsive website
  • Visitors are likely to leave the website if the content and layout is not attractive and if the website does not have any contact information
  • Most people will leave a website that is not mobile friendly
  • Majority of the visitors have this mindset that a well-designed website proves the authenticity and credibility of the business.
  • Visitors are likely to leave the website if the loading time exceeds three seconds

To sum it up, yes you do need to invest in good web designing services for your business website. While you are at that, it is best to stay aware of the latest trends that fit the bill of a well-designed web page.


Business Website

Since technology is ever evolving, web design techniques and patterns keep changing as well. So, let’s see what is trending in the year 2019.


The last few years have seen a significant rise in internet consumption through Smartphone. Today most users access the internet through their phones. As per the stats provided by e-commerce platforms, half of their revenue comes from mobile sites. So, it is quite clear that your site’s design needs to be mobile friendly above all. If your site does not load fast or do not support the mobile, then it is very likely that your consumer will move on to your competitor. Even Google gives more importance to a mobile-friendly website.

The web designers today are well aware of this fact and the good ones will always recommend a mobile app or responsive web design for your website.


Testing loading time

Website visitors are not patient ones. If your website will take more than a few seconds to load they will lose patience and just abandon your website. Majority of such users will never visit your website ever again. So slow loading can actually have a heavy impact on your sales and revenue. Apart from the user experience, Google too ranks on how fast your page loads.

In 2019 designers are more focused on creating websites that take seconds to load. The layouts are simple and the focus is on clarity. So stick to the simple thumb rule of less text with supporting images, to grab the user’s attention and improve the experience.


Brand Your Videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a well-made video does a lot more. An engaging video can very easily convey your message to the consumers. People are more drawn towards videos and it gives you a chance to connect with them. Videos can be used for promotion, product description or just as an introduction to the company. Even instructional videos work well for websites. If you think from the SEO point of view, videos also help in lead generation. It also helps in social media marketing. When the video gets shared on social media platforms it boosts the brand image.


A website should have eye-catching illustrations and graphics instead of lines and lines of texts. Your visitors don’t have the patience or the time to read so many words. Instead, you can grab their attention by using graphics, animations, and illustrations supported by the short and crisp text. It’s what makes your website stand apart from your competitors. The best part of using such elements is that improves user experience and user interaction.


Typography is back on the trend graph. It all started with Google fonts making the quality fonts free of charge. Now there are a number of creative and fun fonts to dabble with. Web designers now stress more on simple designs with less elaborate fonts. One can play with the colors, gradients, and customization to make the words stand out in particular. Even animated typography is high on the trending list this year.

2019 has brought with itself a long list of remarkable variations in the leading Web Design Company in Canada. The focus is on clear and clean designs with less text and more visuals and videos to keep the users engaged. However, you also need to keep in mind that even the trendiest of design will do you no good if the website takes a long time to load. So keep it simple and keep it mobile friendly. That will help get maximum visitors to your website.

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