Get Rid Of Pimples Permanently

Top 6 Proven Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Pimples Permanently

Pimples have been considered by a good number of people, most especially ladies as a threat to facial beauty, because it affects the face more than every other skin surface.

Pimples have integrally become one of the most common skin infections due to its rapid mode of propagation. I have had numerous encounters with victims of pimples. Judging based on my series of experiences, I can state categorically that virtually all the victims of pimples see it as a very irritating and terrible skin infection.

Most of the people suffering from pimples have done everything humanly possible to permanently get rid of it but to no avail. Some victims of pimples spend money frequently on lotions, medicated soaps and other medicinal creams with the sole aim of erasing pimples.

The truth is that most of the artificial products meant for curing pimples can only lessen the physical manifestation of pimples. Pimples reflects externally due to internal reactions, so unless you adopt the necessary preventative measures, you can never get rid of pimples.

You’ll always get practically defeated by pimples if you restrict your fight against pimples to only the external surfaces of your skin.

Many scientific studies have shown that the origin of pimple could be traced to genetic factors, so if your parents had pimples when they were young, there are chances that you may suffer the same fate.

Another scientific study also proved that the food we eat contributes immensely to the eruption of pimples.

In order to fight or prevent pimples you must take the following precautions.

Take water more often along with self made fruit juice that is devoid of chemicals such as preservatives. This is to flush out toxins that could cause the emergence of pimples.

Avoid the excessive intake of oily foods such as groundnuts, peanuts, butter etc. Just say NO to food products that contain much oil. It may be difficult but 100% possible.

Keep your body clean at all times. Accumulation of much dirt and oil supports the emergence of several skin infections, including stubborn pimples. So bath regularly with antiseptic soaps. Also ensure your face and other parts of the body are thoroughly washed when bathing.

👉Do not touch your pimples. Constantly touching pimples with dirty finger would only worsen the condition. The more you touch pimple, the more it gets stubborn.

Having gone through the above precautions, let’s see proven ways we can permanently get rid of pimples using natural ingredients, which are always available in the kitchen.

Below are the six proven home remedies for pimples.
1. Honey

honey for pimples

Honey has been known for decades as one of the best natural medicines for curing various skin infections, including pimples due to its high antiseptic properties. Honey helps to curb the development of bacteria which causes pimples.

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To use honey in curing pimples, kindly rub raw natural honey on your face or any of the affected area, then leave it for 30 minutes. Wash it off afterwards using warm water. Continue this process daily and very soon your name will be on the list of those that have smooth and flawless face.

2. Lemon

lemon for pimples

Lemon also tops the list of the most potent natural remedies for all skin related diseases, including pimples. Lemon juice contains a very useful acid that has mild astringent qualities. The astringent works by compressing the skin, thereby forcing out unnecessary oils in the skin.

The citric acid in lemon also has an antiseptic property which helps in getting rid of pimple causing bacteria.

To use lemon in combating pimples, kindly extract the lemon juice and rub it constantly on your face.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera for pimples

Aloe Vera has also been known for decades as a very powerful natural remedy for getting rid of skin infections due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. The magnesium lactate commonly found Aloe Vera helps to curb itching induced by pimples.

To use this approach, rub the liquid content of Aloe Vera on your face and allow it to agitate for 20 minutes. Try this every day until the pimples disappear completely.

4. Tomato

tomato for pimples

Tomatoes contain high lycopene, which is a very useful enzyme that loosens up the upper most dead layer of the skin and helps to eliminate the dark spots caused by pimples.

Tomatoes also serve as moisturizers which smoothens the skin.

To use this approach, kindly form a paste using a very ripe tomato. Rub it at night and wash if off in the morning.

5. Carrot

carrot use for pimples

Carrot could also be of immense help in curbing pimples. To use this method, simply form a paste with carrot and rub on your face, leave it for at least 20 minutes and wash it off using warm water.

6. Banana Peels

Banana Peels

Banana peels also helps in tackling the issue of pimples. To use this approach, kindly rub the interior part of ripe banana peels on your face, most preferably at night and wash it off the following morning.

The aforementioned natural products are proven home remedies for pimples. Exploit them using the right approach and you’ll be glad you did. Also take note of the highlighted preventive measures to avoid the reappearance of eliminated pimples.


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