Top Considerations When Hiring A Limo

Top Considerations When Hiring A Limo

If you are in confuse in taking private car or a taxi for your transport service, you can choose limo for your best luxury transportation.

Hiring a limo service for an important occasion is a popular decision among many people. Limousines are a preferred way of transport on momentous events because they exude luxury, and their seating capacity is higher than that of ordinary cars. The entire process of hiring a limo service can sometimes feel confusing and overwhelming. This post will give you tips that will be of tremendous help when hiring a limo service in Australia.

How To Get The Perfect Limo For Hire 

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The first step is to get a limo company that offers excellent services. You can do this by checking on the Internet to see whether you can get recommendations from people that have undergone the limo hiring process. You can also enquire from friends, relatives and associates and see whether they could have some leads.

Once you get a promising lead, check out their website for general information such as the hiring process, types of limousines and the charges. If there are client reviews on the site, go through them so that you can get an idea of their quality of service. Also, check that the company is operating legally and the chauffeurs are authorized to avoid any inconveniences on your big day.

The other important thing is to go through the terms and conditions of the service and ensure that your interests will be secured and that the service will meet the needs you wish to address.

Types Of Limousines Available

When hiring a limo service, you most probably want to know what choices you have. First of all, it is good to know that a limousine is a type of car and not a car brand. They are usually stretch versions of top car brands such as Chryslers and Range Rovers. Limousines are uber-luxurious vehicles, with a partition between the driver section and the back section, and usually driven by chauffeurs.

There are traditional limousines and stretch limousines. A traditional limousine is longer than a standard sedan, with a carrying capacity of about six passengers, excluding the driver. A stretch limo is longer than a standard traditional limousine and can have seating space of over ten passengers. Both traditional and stretch limos are usually fitted with top-notch extras including ambient lighting, top-quality sound systems and TVs.

Some of the most popular limousines among Australians include the Chrysler 300 limousine, the Cadillac One and the Mercedes-Benz S-class.

Consider The Number Of People To Be Transported 

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The type of limousine you should hire will highly depend on the seating capacity that you need. Generally, limousines with higher seating capacity tend to be more expensive to hire. Always try to match the seating capacity and the number of passengers for cost saving purposes. If for example, you have over ten passengers, you can opt for a stretch limo as opposed to more than one traditional limo. If your people can fit on one traditional limo, then you won’t need to hire a stretch limo.

How Much The Service Will Cost You

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The cost of hiring a limo service is dependent on a number of factors. One of the factors is the duration for which you will hire the limo service. Another factor is the period in which you want to hire the limousine. The demand for limo services varies in different seasons. If you are hiring during a peak season, then you will probably pay more than you would during off-peak season. Different types of limousines attract different charges. This depends on the sizes and level of luxury. The limousine brand can also affect the cost since some brands are considered more luxurious than others.

Will The Limo Service Come With A Chauffeur?

Limousines generally come with a chauffeur, so you don’t have to worry about looking for a competent driver. The chauffeurs offer more services than just driving; they enhance the entire luxury experience by opening the limo doors for you, coordinating refreshments while on the road, and such.

When Should You Book The Limo Service?

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It is crucial that you book the service well in advance. This will give you enough time to plan and budget accordingly. Also, booking in a short notice may leave you with few or no options of a limousine, since there aren’t so many limousines around. If you need the limo in a peak season, we recommend that you make the booking at least nine months before the occasion. If your event will be in the off-peak season, booking at least six months before the day is sufficient. Once you have made a booking, it is important to make follow up calls to the limo company sometime before the scheduled day to ensure that everything is as planned.

Use Of The Limo

Different limo companies may put some restrictions on the use of the limousine. Most of the companies in Australia allow the drinking of all kinds of beverages while in the vehicle. Most companies, however, do not allow smoking in the back of the limo. Restrictions on having food in the limo vary from company to company.

Some companies may also put restrictions on where the limo can be driven. It is essential that you ensure your company has no issue with where you want to go with the limousine.

Another important thing you should enquire about is whether you are allowed to bring your own music to play in the limo. These vehicles are usually fitted with top-notch music systems, which feature plugins for your own gadgets. Most companies will allow you to plug in and play your own music. In the case that you don’t have your own music, limousines usually have good music for their customers.

Hiring a limo for your once-in-a-lifetime occasion can improve your experience tremendously. You, however, have to ensure that you hire an appropriate limo for your event. We hope that the tips provided here will help with that important process.

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