Top Kitchen renovation ideas for 2023

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From calming materials to mixed materials and a palette of mixed colors, this is all you need to create a cozy, comfortable, and functional kitchen for yourself. We all know that the post-pandemic era brought pretty good changes in design aesthetics and if we say the kitchen design trends saw a dramatic change too, what do we actually mean here?

Honestly, there is a faction of people moving away from cities to regional areas, and most of them are found to be working from home. The attitude is triggered by a desire to get back to nature, reduce stress levels, and inculcate a positive mindset toward life.

So, how have these changes affected the design trends? Let us see here.

As we offer perfect renovations for kitchens in the city, we have been observing a strong shift away from the ‘Show home’ style abode for a less-fabricated aesthetic. People are looking for simpler interiors, a back-to-nature movement, which is being definitely reflected in interior design choices. Here is what you need to keep in mind while doing your kitchens in

Calming Interiors

We are already seeing a balanced mix of colors, textures, and materials reflecting nature and providing a calming aesthetic. So, we took up calming colors from the color wheel such as blues, greens, and more sandy tones. The previous years brought white color forward but people are now moving from white to more earthy tones.


Mixed Materials and Textures

Kitchens in Kelowna are seeing increased use of textures and 2-tone designs. People are using timber as it brings more interest to the all-white kitchen and it can easily blend with neutral shades of cream and off-whites as well.

For instance, we take a combination of timber doors and marble benchtops with interesting splashbacks that look fabulous together. On the other hand, if you are too afraid to depend upon timber completely, you can use it sparingly just as a bar back panel or open shelves. As far as mixed materials are concerned, you can blend old and new elements together to create a more live-in vibe.

Bold Patterns

If you plan to make a statement, you must go for decorative backsplashes and benchtops. Both of these will combine nicely with timber doors for the ultimate nature palette. Besides the texture’s marbles, you can go for gloss finish tiles in neutral tones or brighter colored shades of green, blue, sand, and brown. Another idea that is making a statement in kitchen trends is the geometric-shaped tiles that beautifully complement the simpler lines found in the rest of the kitchen such as flat panel doors and more.

If you are looking for reliable renovations of the Kitchen in Kelowna, you can reach out to us.

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