Top Ways to Preserve and Boost Collagen in Your Face

Let’s know, here, the relation between skin and collagen, how skin is affected and how to boost collagen.

What is Collagen

The age factor mostly, and sometimes other reasons too, result into loss of elasticity of skin and formation of lines on skin. The major reason behind this loss is decrease in the level of Collagen. Collagen is structural protein and significant key component that keeps skin smooth and fresh. Collagen formation happens naturally in the body and that acts like scaffolding and gives volume to skin. With growing age, the amount of collagen falls and skin wrinkles and lines are formed due to less structural support. In order to avoid thinning of skin layers the collagen plays a pivotal role. There are some practices and treatments for boosting collagen in the body for skin care but it’s always better to consult a dermatologist for efficient results.

Let’s know, here, the relation between skin and collagen, how skin is affected and how to boost collagen.

Why Collagen is Significant to Skin 

The most significant component in body, which is responsible for smoothness of skin is collagen. Collagen is present in body tissues including that of muscles, bones, tendons, blood vessels and even in digestive system. Automatic healing of skin, esp. wound healing, is possible with the help of collagen. Softness, smoothness and inflexibility of skin depends when level of collagen is higher. Self-repair and renewal of skin cells also depends on quality and level of collagen.

The decrease in the level and quality of collagen in face skin may lead to loss of elasticity and connecting tissues in the skin. Face wrinkles, lines and looseness is observed on skin as the bonds between various layers of skin are weakened.


Top Ways to Boost Collagen in Face Skin

Everybody wants fair, glowing and firm skin tone on face to look attractive and fresh. Application of collagen booster, skin care products, face packs along with dietary treatments are useful for expected skin tone, glow in general, and skin health at large. For the purpose of boosting collagen in the skin of face, a variety of homemade remedies, professional medicinal and medical treatments, and routine practices are available.  Collagen supplements and hyaluronic acid compounds, vitamin C diets, ginseng supplements, aloe vera gel, antioxidants like retinol and carotenoids, etc. are extensively used as skin boosters. However, for higher level of skin damage treatments, light and laser therapies and cosmetic applications are chosen as per the dermatologist’s counselling. The most significant way to avoid face skin damages and low level of collagen is to protect complexion from direct exposures to environmental imbalances.


1.Wise Use of Retinol and Bakuchiol 

Retinol / Retinoid are the gold standard topical vitamin A derivatives that play a very significant role in collagen production in the body. They upregulate the genes involved in generation of collagen therefore application of retinol for about 10 weeks is a very common remedy to rejuvenate skin as suggested by dermatologists. However, some dermatologists also suggest to apply the natural alternative to retinol, that is, bakuchiol. Bakuchiol is traditional plant remedy used in Indian and Chinese herbs for skin care. It stimulates skin cell turnover and revival of collagen production. If some clients find retinol harsh on their skin, Bakuchiol seeds are beneficial for sensitive skin.


2. Vitamin C Serum and Sunscreens

Vitamin C Serum, being the best skin anti-oxidant, is applied on face skin to protect skin, esp. against direct exposure to UV sunrays. It is one of the components that triggers collagen formation and stabilizes collagen protein. Slathering vitamin C every morning on face skin rejuvenates it by improving collagen synthesis and limiting skin damage from free radicals. Application of topical vitamin C serum on face skin is more effective as compared to the other oral doses. It is also an important nutrient for repair of skin tissues and enzymatic production of neurotransmitters being an antioxidant immune system booster.

Secondly, the fine lines and wrinkles on skin caused are by environmental conditions, eps. UV ray exposure and pollutants. These damages can be healed and repaired by regular application of sunscreen creams having spectrum SPF around 30 and more. An extensive range of sun screen products is available in the market and dermatologists suggest them according to skin damages.


3.Balanced Diet with Collagen Supplements and Lean Protein 

Adding collagen supplements, either natural or medicated collagen boosters, in one’s diet is beneficial as they have clinically proven potential of elasticity and hydration of skin. The collagen supplements improve skin tissues, scaffold the layers of skin, heal skin damages or wounds. Dermatologists and Cosmo therapists recommend appropriate consumption of these supplements for better results.

However, adequate amount of high protein food on everyday plate like lentils, grains and non-veg food including sea food is also advisable for better results. These high protein food items contain amino acids that synthesize skin collagen critically. Limitless sugar consumption esp. added sugar products promote formation of advanced glycation that is responsible for breaking down of collagen tissues. Reading nutrient labels for ingredient list having added sugar is one of the good habits and health precautions to have control over sugar products.


4.Stress-Free and Balanced Lifestyle

Many of the physical diseases are psychosomatic, and are the result of hectic lifestyle and stressful schedules. Proper diet should be accompanied with sufficient exercises, relaxation and meditation in one’s routine turns out positive in all sorts of health issues for holistic purposes. A Harvard University research notes ‘eating a diet rich in anti-oxidants, esp. fruits and vegetable, can help to ward off free radical damage that degrades collagen.’ Appropriate consumption of fruits and vegetable is a natural rich diet for natural complexion. Over activities, emotional turmoil and excessive thinking are the major reasons behind stress. The imbalances at physical and mental level harm functioning of liver and that is also one of the reasons behind internal skin damages.



Complexion can give complexes at times and may bring moral down by affecting negatively. As compared to the other body parts, skin of face is more delicate and gentler; and is also exposed to sunlight, air, dust and pollutants directly. On the other hand, it is also more significant as far as personal appearance and looks are concerned. Collagen balancing with the help of the above-mentioned ways can be certain remedy for complexion balance.

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