Train Ambulance Services

Train ambulance services are one of the most convenient types of ambulance service in India where all major cities of the country are connected via trains.

Train Ambulance Services:-

Train ambulance services are one of the most convenient types of ambulance service in India where all major cities of the country are connected via trains. With Train Ambulance, one can reach a hospital within few days and is also more convenient and comfortable than cars. One of the Best Advantages of Train Ambulance is that it is quite affordable comparing to other mode of transportation. A Train Ambulance will help a patient reach its destination affordably without having to make a hole in your pocket. A Train Ambulance is equipped with all the necessary electronic devices and medicine that a patient needs during the journey. There are also medical personnel present on board the train journey for any emergency which makes the journey safe and convenient for the patient.  

Train Ambulance Services in India:-

There are various Train Ambulance Services in India available for services anytime of the day or night. One of the most trusted and affordable train services in India is the Almas Train Ambulance Services. Almas Train Ambulance has a remarkable history of successfully transporting patients across the nation via train. Almas is also known to provide the Best Service Affordable so that any section of the society may avail their service. Almas Train Ambulances staffs are trained internationally to provide the best medical service and their Train Ambulances are equipped with some of the latest technology medical equipments

Psychiatric Train Ambulance Services:-

There is a particular Train Service in India especially for psychiatric patients. Such service is provided by Almas Train Ambulance in all major cities of the country. In a psychiatric ambulance services, one may request for pickup of patients from home. Ambulance staffs are well trained in handling any kinds of psychiatric patients and those that may even need to be tied or carried via bed. In a Psychiatric Train Ambulance, the staffs on board are well trained to take care of psychiatric for a smooth journey and any emergencies on board. 

Train Ambulance Services from one state to other states:-

Train Ambulance in India is serviceable from one state to another. Almas ambulance has successfully operated in all major cities of the country. This presence has made transportation from various cities much easier for patients. A pick up and drop from hospitals and home can be requested when availing their Train Services. 

Train Ambulance Services Cost:-

When it comes to cost, Train Ambulance is one of the most affordable means of transport for patients in India. Almas Ambulance has been providing train ambulance to hundreds of patients affordably. The cost may depend on the distance covered and the condition of the patient. Is rest assured that with Almas ambulance, you will get some of the most reasonable quote. 


Train Ambulance Services from Delhi to other cities like Guwahati, Punjab, Faridabad, etc.:-

If you are looking for Train Ambulance Service from Delhi to other cities like Guwahati, Punjab, Faridabad, etc. then you may consider Almas train ambulance. Almas train ambulance has successfully transported hundreds of patients all over the country from New Delhi. Almas is also one of the most trusted train ambulances when it comes to safety of the patients. You can be rest assured that some of the most well trained staffs are looking over your beloved. 

About ALMAS Ambulance:-

Almas Ambulance is run by a group of highly skilled professionals providing complete spectrum of health care services. Almas Ambulance head office is in Delhi, India.

We have expertise and experience in providing:-

Ambulance Services,

Emergency Medical Assistance.

Our Service:-

  • Air Ambulance
  • Commercial Flight
  • Stretcher In Flight
  • Psychiatric Emergency Ambulance
  • Road Ambulance
  • Rail Ambulance
  • Medical Assistance
  • Occupational Health Services

Special Features:-

  • At Almas we design our vehicles especially for long distance critically ill patient transfers. While designing our ambulances, we focus on long distance patient transfers.
  • Our team of doctors and Paramedics are highly professionals & well trained for bedside to bedside patient transfer on life support systems.
  • We have experienced of thousands of long distance critical ill patient transfers via road from remote and urban areas.
  • Facility in Train Ambulance,
  • Enough oxygen storage
  • Enough power back up (inerter, generator& external source for power supply)
  • Separate chamber for patient attendants with birth facility
  • Complete ICU setup in ambulance.
  • Tracking system, TV in attainder cabin, good communication network etc. 

You may contact Almas Ambulance through their helpline number or by visiting their official website.

In Any Emergency You Can Call: – +91-9999168707, +91-9650596809.


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