U.S is 'not going to Pay’ for Security of Prince Harry and Meghan for their changed status

U.S is ‘not going to Pay’ for Security of Prince Harry and Meghan for their changed status

On Wednesday Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have decided to stop official obligations for some time. They have moved from Canada to U S. They were spending in Canada a lot of time in this year including the Christmas holidays also on Vancouver Island. They have announced that their transition is mare due to the fast prevailing conditions of Coronavirus. Prince Harry’s father is carrying positive report for the coronavirus but he is in good health up till now.

The couple is leaving royal duties on 31 March but the arrangements are to be reviewed later one year.  From US they moved Meghan’s home that is California State Los Angeles with their kid ‘Archie’ for provisional residence. This the place actually where the Meghan took her brought up and still her mother Doria Ragland lives.

President Donald Trump has announced in his tweet that they will not pay for their security. This couple should pay by their own for their security purposes. Canadian government has paid for them up till now because they were in Kingdom but as soon as they are leaving their royal life style and their status is being changed they are not going to pay for their security. On this occasion one of the family’s representatives has declared that they have no plan of winning the security assets of US government as it is funded from public and they have arranged for security by their own funds.

US is on the top the list of all countries where the virus is prevailing. This number is growing rapidly. 2050 deaths are declared and mostly are in New York and total active cases are 135,741. It is predicted that there will be more 200,000 deaths in America if the condition goes on the same rate. In California total 5565 cases are reported with 121 death cases filling all of the hospitals. So they must provide essential services to save lives.

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