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What All you need to know about Gestational Surrogacy Process

The lady is known as a surrogate mother or gestational carrier, and the process is gestational surrogacy.

Surrogacy is a moderately complex and lengthy process in which a woman carries baby/babies to full term and deliver for another couple who are incapable of having babies.  The lady is known as a surrogate mother or gestational carrier, and the process is gestational surrogacy. In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate mother is just a carrier of the baby.  The baby is not genetically linked with the surrogate mother.
The biological parents who commission the full process are also known as commissioning parents.  The whole process is done under the guidance of IVF doctor, who creates the embryo with intended parents gametes and then transfer in a surrogate mother. The surrogacy arrangement is legally possible in many countries, meaning commercial surrogacy is allowed there.

Who Need Surrogacy Services?

1. The most common cause for a woman to hire a surrogate mother is the absence of the uterus.
2. Women who had many miscarriages or who had unexplained or unknown failed repeated IVF cycles.
3. Gay couples or single men can use surrogacy to become parents, and this is their only choice.
4. Other complicated medical condition like high blood pressure, chronic diabetes, thyroid issues, and obesity.

Type of surrogacy

1. Commercial surrogacy

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In this case, a surrogate mother is financially compensated for her time and discomfort while carrying a baby. Commercial surrogacy is allowed in many countries like Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, and the USA.

2. Traditional surrogacy

When a surrogate mother is both carrier and biologically linked with the baby, this is known as traditional surrogacy.
The surrogate mother is half genetically linked with the baby as her eggs are used for conceptions. This form of surrogacy is not common, and most of the countries prohibit it.  That is due to a legal complication that can arise.  On top of that, emotionally for surrogate mother, it is not easy to separate herself from teh baby.

3. Altruistic surrogacy

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When a surrogate mother carries and delivery the baby for the infertile couple without being monetary compensated.

4. Independent surrogacy or Indy surrogacy

When commission parents themselves find and coordinate the full surrogacy process without the help of an agency, it is known as indy surrogacy.   Here no surrogacy agency is involved, so overall surrogacy cost is low, but parents need to give lots of time and attention to the plan and execute.

Controversy related to a surrogacy process?

Surrogacy is circled by controversial and negative feedback from the different strata of society.In some culture, it is still a taboo.  Lack of information and less awareness toward the topic, add to questions and doubts about the surrogacy process.
Surrogate pregnancies are not easy to achieve, and a considerable surrogacy cost makes it out of reach for many couples. But the good news is that childless couples are becoming aware of the surrogacy process and opting for it.

One of the most limiting for surrogacy is a huge surrogacy cost. The cost of surrogacy depends on which nation you wish to do a surrogacy process and how much services you need.
In European countries Ukraine and in Georgia, typical surrogacy cost is $45,000.
In the USA the cost varies between $95,000 to $130,000.

Which countries offer Legal, commercial surrogacy procedure?

AUSTRALIA- Only Altruistic surrogacy only available. No donor or surrogate matching available.

CANADA- Only Altruistic surrogacy available and both local Canadian and foreigners can do surrogacy in Canada.

GREECE- Heterosexual couples and single females are eligible. For foreign nationals, a prior court order.

GEORGIA- Commercial surrogacy in Georgia is only allowed for heterosexual couples.  Commission parents name come on the baby birth certificate.  Legally protected and affordable options. Becoming a new hub of surrogacy.

UKRAINE-  Commercial surrogacy in Ukraine is only allowed for heterosexual couples. The right of the Intended Parents is well protected as per surrogacy laws.

INDIA- Commercial surrogacy in India is only allowed for Indian citizens.

ISRAEL- Only altruistic surrogacy available for heterosexual couples, Israeli citizens.

LAOS- Compensated Surrogacy in Laos available to foreigners. Mostly Asian same-sex couple opt for surrogacy, but there is no legal protection.

THAILAND- Only available altruistically to Thailand heterosexual couple.  Surrogacy in Thailand was banned in mid of 2014.

The UK- Only Altruistic surrogacy in the UK available to the intended parent.

The USA- Many States allow commercial surrogacy in the USA- like California.  A gay and heterosexual couple can enrol for surrogacy based on the States where surrogacy is permitted.

Why choose cross- border surrogacy?

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Surrogacy Process is a complicated process which comes with substantial monetary and emotional engagement. In cross border-border surrogacy services, the intended parents need to travel to another country for IVF and surrogacy process.

Cross border surrogacy is done for two reasons.

1. To get the lower surrogacy cost as most intended parents are unable to pay higher surrogacy cost in their country.
2. Surrogacy Is not legally allowed in their country.
While opting for cross border surrogacy, it is good to take the help of an accomplished and trusted Surrogacy Consultant.

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Infertility itself is a painful and emotionally draining reality.  The lack of support and awareness make it more challenging for childless couples.
The considerable cost of infertility treatment with no guarantee of success, make it frustrating and depressing.
You need to know that you are not alone.  The right help is available.  The first step is to consult the experienced and compassionate expert.
With the proper guidance and awareness, you can make an informed decision.

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