Wide Feet

How to Tell if you have wide feet?

Exactly like height, hair color, and eye color your wider feet is also by nature. Being born with broad feet is not always a bad thing.

Shoes are a simple fact of life. You use these to operate, to the fitness center, outdoors, and at times even in your house. Because of this, a lot of people have begun to accept their shoes can cause pain but we are really doing more damage than good by wearing ill-fitting shoes. If none of your shoes are giving your feet desired comfort, then you might have broad feet. Is that something that you ought to be worried about? Not always, however, there are a couple of things that you ought to know about getting broad feet.

What causes broad feet?

Wide Feet

Exactly like height, hair color, and eye color your wider feet is also by nature. Being born with broad feet is not always a bad thing — it simply means you want to ensure that you’re purchasing the very best shoes for wide feet rather than cramming your feet into any older set of shoes.
Level arches are just another hereditary condition which may result in wide feet. A foot looks wider when individuals with flat feet stand. Flat feet occurs typically due to an excessive amount of strain on the foot or due to untreated injuries.
Wide feet can cause due to various factors. The very first thing is wearing shoes which do not fit properly. You will get bunions, that can be debilitating bony bumps at the bottom of the big toe. It is critical that pushing your feet into shoes due to which your feet look skimmer may really be causing your foot to develop wider. Some people do a big mistake by wearing narrow shoes so their feet can look slimmer and this mistake can make your feet more wider.
Particular health problems, for example, edema that is a medical term for swelling, can be the reason for wide feet to grow. Edema can be caused due to various reasons, just like kidney disease and heart failure.

Do I have feet?

It is possible you’ve got wide feet before being aware of it. Luckily, there is a very simple test you may take to discover. However, before you begin, there are a number of things to remember so that you get the most precise measurement: A) Your feet swell through the day, therefore measure them in the night instead of in the daytime. B) Do not measure your foot in an irregular or raised surface. C) Do not wear socks while measuring your feet. Got it? Great. Here is the way to tell do you’ve got wide feet in 3 simple steps.
On a flat surface, place the paper.
Use the pen or pencil to outline your foot.
Write all the readings and compare them with any shoe measurement chart.

How to Slim Wide Feet

Slim Wide Feet

If you have a wide foot due to genetics than you can’t do much to make it slimmer. But if your broad feet are due to natural health issues, there are a couple of actions that you can do to make your feet slimmer.
If you’re interested to learn the way to slim broad feet, continue reading and find out from some of these valuable tips which we’ll be sharing below. To start with, YES, it’s possible! But this doesn’t include needing to cut off the surplus portion of your own foot. The answers are somewhat more practical in compared to what you probably have in mind at this time!

Drop Weight

Since you gain weight, it isn’t only the stomach, arms, and thighs which shows the additional pounds you’ve gained. You may not observe it, however, your foot looks wider. So, to make your broad feet thinner, one thing you can do is to drop your weight. Make exercise part of your everyday routine.  Once you become slimmer, the width can be lessened as soon. This is great for your feet as well as for the overall physical wellbeing.

Arch Supports

Producers are advanced and they fulfilled a promising option for making broad feet thinner. A product which you should think about is the arch support. The arch support will distribute the weight of the feet when you stand, which will avoid the foot from spreading too much, due to which it’ll seem thinner while the arch gets higher.


In case you’ve got a major problem of getting broad feet, and if it’s already annoying, you should think about the operation as a substitute solution.
The foot narrowing operation can also be known as the Cinderella Surgery, That has the key objective of to make your wide feet slim. This may entail the correction of the bunion, that is frequently the main reason why some individuals have broad feet. It’s a complex procedure which will require a few sessions to have the ability to reach the desired benefits.

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