What exactly is a travel and tourism course?

CRBtech offers an online best travel and tourism course in Pune with 100% job guarantee.

Travel management, tour management, and hospitality management are the main parts of the travel and tourism industry. India offers a lot of work opportunities in the travel and tourism industry due to the vast number of heritage, cultural, and other tourists who visit the country each year. The average salary range for the travel and tourism sector is approximately ₹ 1,55,223 per year to ₹ 5,00,000 per year, based on the various positions.

As far as the skill-set is concerned, this emerging sector is facing a shortage of individuals having customer service skills, knowledge of working with children, destination geography and business skills.

Eying this, the online travel and tourism course in Pune from CRBtech is exclusively designed and structured to address exactly these areas. The objective is inculcation of these competencies prior to, or while in employment in the travel and tourism sector.

Prominent Benefits Of Our Travel & Tourism Course :

  •  Offer the trainees with maximum flexibility to opt for specialist subjects based on their interests and career aspirations in this particular field

  •  Part-time study opportunity for those already employed in the travel and tourism industry

  •  Get a travel and tourism qualification

  •  Acts as a confidence booster

  •  Unlimited career opportunities

  •  Increased chances of getting a higher pay-scale

  •  Helps to narrow the knowledge gap through skill refinement

  •  Have an edge over the untrained peers

When it is about travel and tourism institutes, it has to be CRBtech, your trusted partner for a travel and tourism management course in Pune.

There is no stopping the travel and tourism sector in terms of growth and the career prospects it has to offer. Particularly, the career opportunities in travel and tourism after 12th. Thanks to the continuous rise in the amount and the frequency of travel undertaken by individuals for various purposes like leisure and business. 

This exponential ongoing growth has led to a huge demand for a skilled workforce that is adaptable, making this sector into a potentially huge employment generator. Talking about some stats, the travel & tourism sector in India alone has resulted in as much as 8% of the total employment opportunities generated in recent years. It has provided jobs to a whopping 41.6 million people of late. The good news is that this figure is expected to see a rise by 2% per annum to reach 52.3 million jobs come 2028!

So, it's time to pull up the socks for the aspirants. CRBtech offers an online best travel and tourism course in Pune with 100% job guarantee. Learn from corporate trainers with lifetime placement support. So, enroll with us, to make the maximum out of this lucrative career option.

About Online Travel And Tourism Training & Placement Course:

A number of travel and tourism institutes in Pune structure their courses to encourage the acquisition and development of the desired competencies prior to, or while working in the travel and tourism sector. Such travel and tourism courses are basically designed to provide an all-round insight to the travel and tourism sector for those who wish to take forward their careers in one of its allied industries, comprising visitor attractions, retail travel, accommodation, transport and tour operations. Therefore, it becomes vital to make sure that the travel and tourism institute you are enrolling into, is both experienced and associated with the training domain for a substantial period. That’s where CRBtech, the best travel and tourism institute scores over the other training facilitators.

This online travel and tourism course after 12th from CRBtech, is aimed towards offering education and training for the travel and tourism career aspirants. To provide the learners with an opportunity to hone the essential skills and attributes to succeed in the professional world.

Travel And Tourism Training & Placement Course Outline:

Modular breakup of this online travel and tourism course in Pune from CRBtech, is as follows:

Module 1:

  •  Investigating the Travel and Tourism Sector

  •  The Business of Travel and Tourism

  •  India as a Travel Destination

  •  Customer Service in Travel and Tourism

  •  Marketing Travel and Tourism- Products and Services

  •  Preparing for Employment in Travel and Tourism

Module 2:

  •  Long-haul Travel

  •  Retail Travel Operations

  •  Business Travel Operations

  •  Investigating the Cruise Industry

  •  Responsible Tourism

Module 3:

  •  Tour Operations

  •  Specialist Tourism

  •  Working as a Holiday representative

  •  Passenger Transport arrangement for Travel industry

  • Module 4:

  •  Events, Conferences and Exhibitions

  •  Hospitality in the travel and Tourism industry

  •  Airfares and Ticketing

  •  Work Experience in the Travel Industry

Module 5:

  •  Business Communication and etiquette’s guidance

  •  Knowledge of World

  •  Personality Enhancement training

  •  Regular verbal ability sessions and preparations

  •  Foreign Language training: German

  •  Art of Communication workshop

  •  Geographical Know How & Climatic Know How

  •  Ticketing and procedure

  •  Regular Group Discussion  Personal Interview sessions and preparations

  •  Career Guidance sessions by HR & Industry experts

From this course you will definitely get:

  •  Unlimited placement calls

  •  Learn from corporate trainers

  •  Earn & learn program

  •  Collaboration with 500+ clients.

  •  Job oriented training

  •  GD-PI & Aptitude preparations

  •  HR grooming & Mock interview sessions

  •  Technical GD & German language sessions

  •  Project guidance on latest trends

Who is CRBtech?

“We are the future, we are CRB Tech” CRBtech is known to be a leading training and career development company. With over 15 years of experience in this field, CRBtech's focus has always been to train engineers in domains such as Mechanical, Electrical, Clinical Research IT etc. That includes this online travel and tourism course. 

How is CRBtech  different?

 CRBtech has got a 100% placement record

 CRBtech hosts an in-house certified and experienced pool of trainers

 CRBtech enjoys an industry collaboration with 500+ mid level & multi-national companies

 CRBtech is the destination for one of THE BEST in campus recruitment

 German language coaching is provided for abroad prospects

 Regular workshop/seminars held at CRBtech help sharpen skills including presentation skills

 CRBtech avails the mentorship & guidance of worldwide industry experts

All of these salient offerings take CRBtech to the list of the leading travel and tourism institute in Pune.

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