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What is a Commercial Door Company and How They Can Help You

In the instance that you may be getting your brand-new home built, or simply upgrading your existing one, it may mean a few things such as a new paint job, a loft conversion, adding more space to the lounge, or a new bathroom, or new furniture, a wooden floor installation or even replacing the existing old doors and windows with a newer and modern or trendy design.

There are various things you can do to upgrade your home, and add some aesthetic pleasure to it, but nothing says “home” quite like the right doors and windows. Besides the fact that these are the first thing you, or anyone else will see when they are outside the building, it also helps to add some visual appeal to eh property unlike anything else.

Getting a new set of doors, of modern material, design and color can take years off a property and all the upgrades will no doubt increase the value of the place as well, it’s a win-win for everyone! According to the Times article online, a few other tips of how to increase the value of your property, can be found here However, choosing to do these things is one thing, but getting the right services to help you out, is a completely other task.

Say for instance were trying to upgrade our doors and windows. You’ve bought the right one and it will look truly gorgeous, but now you need it to be installed properly. From installation to repairing and maintenance thereafter, these are things homeowners often overlook, only to realize these aspects when the need arises.

There are many things that go into installing a door, and if not done right can be a waste of time and money for both yourself as well as them. So how does one go about understanding how a commercial door company can help you with your needs? We take a brief look at the aspects that they can assist you with when they are on site be it your home or the office.

Analysis of The Track Alignment and Door Balance

So, you’ve gone to the hardware store or checked online and you have chosen the perfect blue wooden door for your home to match the style and design of the era. Now what? It’s no use if it stays leaning against the wall in the hopes of it being installed by someone. You will need to call the door services company to install it for you, but not only that, to do a good job of it.

If you call an inexperienced contractor it may cost you more if they don’t do a good job. However, there are many experienced and well-established companies that offer you their services at half the price and do a good job under a guarantee. One of the things they will help you with is to check for the alignment and balance of the structure.

If for instance, it does not open properly or shut completely, there may be an issue with either one of these things. Sometimes it’s the fault of the user, while other times it’s the material which could contract or expand during certain seasons. Materials such as wood, for example, tend to suffer from shrinkage due to the moisture content in the air i.e. humidity levels: this has a lot to do with the process the door is made with and also the quality of the wood as well. However, this is something professional services can deal with in their own way.

The experts will check this by disconnecting the opener from the door and raise the panel halfway up the track to balance it properly and make sure it stays in place. If the door snaps down immediately it means it’s unbalanced.

They Will do a Routine Visual Inspection

The services will also offer a routine inspection as part of their experience. The inspection may include things such as, if for instance it is a garage door, to check the mechanisms operating the door like the reverse mechanisms, seals around the doors and at the bottom, the laser light which should turn on and off, the pressure sensor, the cables and springs and more.

They should also be able to check for overall signs of wear and tear and corrosion. If they see anything indicating this, they would be able to resolve it. On any entrance in the home or office, be it interior or exterior, reverse mechanisms are usually installed by the manufacturer.  These act as a safety feature and can be tested by placing a piece of wood at the bottom of the door and use an automatic remote to close it.

This test if the door will open once it hits the wood piece or not. If it does not open when it senses the “obstruction” then a repair service such as a commercial door company should be called to check why it is not working as it should. This reverse mechanism is usually a crucial component for automatic and sliding doors.

Door Balance

Checking and lubrication of All the Moving Parts and Components

Another thing that expert service can do for you is to check that all the moving parts are doing their job properly. This could mean replacing them or making sure they are well lubricated using the right materials. Not only does this help for them to operate properly but by doing this, it minimizes the chances of corrosion.

In any type of door, the moving parts should always be well lubricated to prevent wear and tear. The rollers, if any, should also be inspected at least twice a year. For some types, these will need to be replaced after 5 to 7 years especially if you see any cracks, or chips occurring. Never wait for it to become worse before calling the professional services, and neither should you try and repair these things yourself for the risk of making it worse or causing injury to yourself.

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