What Is The Most Expensive Phone In The World

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Our society is very tech-oriented, and smartphones are nearly taken for granted everywhere. A few operating specifics apart, it appears that most phones are interchangeable, while some are on an entirely different level. For the most discerning tech enthusiasts, these are some of the most expensive phone in the world because they combine style and functionality in absolutely unique ways. 

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

The eighth most expensive phone in the world is the Las Vegas Jackpot. Given how basic it is, many people could question the reasons why it was one of the most costly phones in the world in 2022. The body of the Las Vegas Jackpot is made up of 128 grammes of gold and 45.5 carats worth of black diamonds. Such a mobile phone is made from a pricey component.

The 32 kilogramme keypad of the phone is constructed of 17 sapphires that have been manually polished and laser engraved. Only three units of the Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot were made due to its high cost regarding most expensive phone in the world.

Diamond Crypto 

The sixth most expensive phone in the world is the Diamond Crypto Smartphone. Due to its encrypted voice and SMS communication, it is one of the most secure phones in the world. However, this feature came at a high price, placing it among the top ten most expensive phones in the world. The Diamond Crypto Smartphone has additional security and advantages over other phones because the entire system is encrypted.


The Diamond Crypto Smartphone is one of the top ten most expensive phones in the world due to its high price and numerous distinctive cryptographic features.

iPhone 3G Kings Button 

The fifth most expensive phone in the world is the iPhone 3G Kings Button. The straightforward yet pricey iPhone 3G Kings Button was created by Austrian jeweller Peter Alisson. The Kings Button on the iPhone 3G is solid 18-carat gold, available in yellow, white, and rose gold. It is one of the top ten most expensive phone in the world.

The phone's circular body is covered with a sparkling pattern made up of 138 brilliant-cut diamonds. Additionally, it has a 6.6-carat diamond in its home button, which draws much attention to the phone.

iPhone 4s Elite Gold 

Stuart Hughes continues to make one of the priciest phones in the world when it comes to luxury. The iPhone 4s Elite Gold is the second most expensive phone in the world at $9.4 million. It is the most costly phone Stuart Hughes has ever made. He views it as his most notable accomplishment.

With almost 500 unique flawless diamonds totaling up to 100ct set into the iPhone 4s Elite Gold, which was also constructed of rose gold, the pricey feature helped it land among the top ten most expensive smartphones in the world.

With the addition of its 24 karat gold Apple logo and 53 diamonds, the rear of this pricey phone is made of 24 ct gold. It is a great one regarding most expensive phone in the world.


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