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Why Does My Child Have Cavities Despite Regular Brushing?

Dentistry for kids is very crucial in the early age of a child as it not only prevents your child from tooth death but also keeps their teeth healthy and strong.

Firstly, brushing alone is not enough to prevent cavities. There are many other things you have to consider like, providing a healthy diet to your child, teaching the art of flossing, proper brushing with fluoride toothpaste and the most importantly, taking your child to the dentist every month. Dentistry for kids is very crucial in the early age of a child as it not only prevents your child from tooth death but also keeps their teeth healthy and strong.

Even if your child brushes regularly, this can never be a guarantee of cavity-free teeth. Dentists can also not say with surety that brushing alone can save your child from dental caries. Look, oral care is indeed essential when it comes to keeping your teeth free from the risks of cavities, but it alone can never save the dangers. After all, cavities may also be caused due to poor food choices, which is something you and your child alone can control, not the dentist or anyone else.

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Dental Cavities are Caused by Many Reasons 

Child Brushing

As per the research, a very common concern with parents is children having tooth decay despite the fact that they are brushing every day. A dental cavity is the multi infected disease that is caused for many reasons. But the common reason for this cause is that children’s pattern of brushing is quick and unassisted by the adults. It is experienced that children have not trained or mastered brushing teeth, and they hardly they brush their teeth more than 2 minutes. Worse still, they even skip areas like those in between the teeth and gum line areas. These are the areas where foods get stuck and reside in bacteria.

Eating Habit is also Responsible for Cavities 

Another common reason is eating fast. When you chew food quickly you are not only feeding food but also the germs that can cause cavities. If your child is regular fast food eater then stop him. It can be a major cause of tooth decay. Frequent food intake increases the chances of such a dental problem. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research 42% of children who are ages 2 to 11 develop a cavity in their baby primary teeth.

Sugary Food can also Lead to Cavities 

The third reason may be sugary food. It is common knowledge sugar is the major cause of tooth decay. There are two types of bacteria present in our mouth streptococcus mutans and streptococcus. One is good for oral health and another is harmful. As per the science, sugary food always attracts harmful bacteria and the break down the tooth’s enamel, which can cause a cavity. These same bacteria are responsible for contributing dental plaque- a yellow thin layer on the teeth. So, think before giving sugary snacks to your child.

One recent study on school children found that frequent sugary snack eaters have cavities problems as compared to steady healthy food eaters. The most common cause of sugar intake is ice cream, cold drinks, gums, and candies. As per the study in Finland- drinking 1, 2 sweetened beverages and candies was linked to 31% of the higher risk of tooth decay. Regarding tooth decay, the first sign is mineral lost. So, due to improper diet, a cavity may form.

Regular Dental Visits can Help

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It is very important to visit the dentist clinic periodically to examine any sign of decay that might be present in the teeth and to treat with the best medication.

If you are a child is suffering from cavities, and seeking for the best dentist and you don’t how to reach their place. All you need is to do search engine with these keywords “the best pediatric dentist near me”, you will come across many results, choose a reliable dentist and make an appointment. We always encourage you to speak with your child’s dentist to reduce the chances of dental caries developing in your child.

Important Tip – bedtime the brush is the most important not for the children but also for the adults. When your child brushes their teeth twice a day, this helps reduce the chances of cavities greatly. Brushing will take away all that gets stuck between the teeth, especially bacterial and plaque, so cavities often stay away in such cases. flossing, rinsing, and tongue cleaning will also be effective against the risks of cavities.

Cavities are entirely preventable and the earlier you know this the better. A regular dental visit means the dentist can spot early signs of cavities and start treatment before the problem deteriorates and leads to bigger issues. So, trust the dentist and say goodbye to cavities for once and all.

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