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Choose Personalized Pizza Boxes for Your Pizza Shop Today

Several puns surround pizza packaging, and there’s a common one. “Pizzas are round but they go in square boxes.” However, you should be aware of the reality and the main purpose of these square boxes. They serve the purpose to cover all the sides of the pizza evenly and make the outlook appear attractive. When you choose personalized pizza boxes, you will be able to offer attractive boxes for your clients. At the same time, they should keep the pizzas safe from sogginess.

Whether it is a single slice or a whole pizza in a small or large size, you can choose from various sizes in pizza boxes. You may choose custom printed pizza boxes and several styles. If you are planning to open a pizza shop, here’s why you should have personalized pizza boxes.

Quality Materials Pizza Boxes

Keeping precision and perfection in mind, The Legacy Printing is a company you can choose for personalized packaging for pizzas. Such experts manufacture these boxes with the high-grade materials. They use sturdy cardboard in the manufacturing of these pizza boxes. Furthermore, a good company should make only use the finest quality inks to print on the boxes. For this, only the best quality cardboard is suitable. With the best material, you can use standard die cut options, and tabs with smooth edges. This adds better strength to the look of the custom pizza boxes.

Lavish Printing Options

It is important to have custom packaging boxes for pizzas as per your business requirements. Once you choose the materials, you can have appealing printing on them. Add unique images, your custom logo, brand name, pizza flavor details, and other relevant information. In the coatings option, you can choose from spot UV, matte, embossing, debossing, and others. You can personalize these pizza boxes according to your wish and desire. When you choose the printing options, just go with catchy color schemes and images.

They are Durable

When you choose custom pizza packaging boxes, rest assured that they are durable. These boxes keep the pizzas safe from environmental factors and physical factors. Custom boxes will provide you with several add-on options. Usually gloss and matte are the common types. These coats will prevent any dust particles from entering the boxes and ruining them. Furthermore, they protect against finger impressions.

An Economical Choice

Not only are custom pizza boxes a durable choice, but they are also economical. You can have them printed in any way you desire all in the best prices. Their sizes can range from 16 inches to 32 inches and more. Custom packaging boxes provide you with different shapes and sizes. These can depend on the size of the pizza and budget range. With diverse sizes and cost-effective options, you can get the best boxes for any flavor.

Custom pizza boxes offer several benefits. Choosing personalized pizza boxes will surely be a good decision for your pizza shop. With custom options, you are sure to get brand recognition and avail of better sales.


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