There is no second opinion about the fact that YOGA has solutions to most problems related to health and wellness – including the disorders related to impotence.

There is no second opinion about the fact that YOGA has solutions to most problems related to health and wellness – including the disorders related to impotence. So if you are an individual suffering from impotency, either in the form of erectile dysfunction (ED) or premature ejaculation (PE), you got immense reasons to count on by simply including few Yoga postures in your everyday routine.

When it comes to tackling impotence, the majority of people around the world depend upon generic Viagra, which is the best-known medicine today for men. The reason for their impotence is either erectile dysfunction (ED) or premature ejaculation (PE). If you are a victim of any of these, you are most likely to be advised Viagra, or other medicines with similar ingredients. It’s true that Viagra takes away a major share among all impotency medicines and understandably, is the most effective medicine to cure impotence.

But if you regularly consume a medicine for the problems of PE or ED, you are prone to certain side–effects; they may pose several ill influences on your health and the damage may be harsh! Good news for you is that you can choose the most naturopathic way on earth, the proven health regime Yoga, to enjoy the two-way advantages of – a fully satisfying physical relationship with your partner and also, rule out chances of side-effects. Catch up with some select and useful Yoga postures which are evidenced to be extremely beneficial in coming up with both – erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Cat Posture (Marjari Aasan)

This yoga posture, also known as the cat to cow posture, especially helps in fortifying your Kagel muscles, the muscles which are responsible for orgasm control. Do this posture 8 times in the morning and you will notice longevity in your sustenance to orgasm process:

– Get on all fours. Rest shoulder straight over the palms and hips perpendicular to knees.

– Slowly inhale and start lifting the chest so that entire back goes up to form a mount. Let your head bow in so that chin touches the upper chest.

– Slowly exhale and starting lifting the head now. Allow shoulder blades to separate and let the spine and stomach go down. In other words, the reversal of the first step.

Bridge Posture (Setu Aasan)

It is yet another expedient posture for men but is equally good for females in terms of fortification of their vaginal region. You enjoy stronger pelvic muscles with this posture. Process:

– Lie straight with feet separated at shoulder width. Relax with 2-3 deep breaths.

– Bring feet closer to hips so that your knees bend. Place feet firmly on the ground and then start lifting the hips. Inhale.

– Lift the hips so that body up the chest is tilted upward to form a slant from knees to chest.

– Remain in this situation for up to 10 normal breaths. Then very slowly let the hips come back on the floor and touchback on the floor. Relax with legs spread normally.

Few other Yoga postures like Eagle, Bound Angle, Pigeon, etc add up to this list as enormously facilitating in curing PE and ED. Generally, yoga postures are not tough to accomplish, but it is more helpful if you learn them in the company of a master. A yoga teacher enlightens you with the requisite precaution if any, to be taken in the course of your yoga practice.

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