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11 Top Web Design Trends To Consider In 2018

A good design has the ability to make or even break the web business you have. Your website is the face of the company, therefore, it is vital that is keeps with the trends. You need to incorporate the latest design trends so as to make your website look fresh. Read on to find out about the 10 top Web Design Trends trends to think about in 2018.

  1. The Design Should be Mobile Friendly

Design Should Mobile

Many searches occur via a mobile device. Google has also listed Mobile First Indexing on their priority list. It is therefore very necessary to have a mobile-friendly website. Imagine viewing a good website on your computer and then opening it on your mobile device to find out that it is haphazard and awkward not opening properly. You definitely will not like this. Therefore web developers need to consider this. A responsive Web Design Trends is an idea here.

  1. Web Design Trends Animation 

Web Animation 

When it comes to animation, this can help ideas along with interfaces be easier to understand. Nowadays people are busy and often in a hurry. Animation can make one understand complex ideas quickly. This can be done in an engaging as well as informing way. Animations can provide a strong personality to your brand, allowing it to be less static and also more dynamic. You can consider animated logos for instance.

  1. Colors that are More Adventurous

More Adventurous

The use of Bold colors has increased across digital platforms. There are also tools present that can help you use colors in an interesting way. Color can be employed alongside customization along with personalization so as to produce a truly unique experience.

  1. Data Storytelling

Data Storytelling

Animated visualizations and also data representation particularly from a 3D perspective has increased. This data also needs to be easily understood and used. Effective storytelling can be achieved through design, explaining usually complex material in a simple and engaging way to attract many audiences. You need to think outside the box having new creations.

  1. Playful Illustration

Playful Illustrationac

Brands need to stand out. Illustrations can do this by adding personality to a website. They tend to be visually engaging and that without interrupting functionality as well as simplicity. Illustrations can be practical ways to present and explain information. Who wants a boring website, especially a boring Landing Page Web Design Trends? It is important to produce a good impression with the first page the user visits.

  1. The Change of AI

Change of AI

Artificial intelligence has come into mainstream Web Design Trends, via technologies such as conversational interfaces. The artificial narrow intelligence of ANI tends to be powering voice assistants such as Google Home. As individuals are becoming more used to interacting with bots, there is a rise in the employment of conversational interfaces within the design.

  1. Asymmetric Layouts

Asymmetric Layouts

Responsive design has changed Web Design Trends allowing designers to build sites which adapt perfectly to different devices. Some designs have actually rebelled against the limitations of responsive design so as to be more creative. The traditional web design rules are getting broken. Asymmetry needs to be approached with caution. New ways are being found to present content.

  1. Kinetic Emails

Kinetic Emails

Kinetic emails employing CSS3 and HTML so as to develop interactivity within an email is what is being seen. Users are comfortable when it comes to the UI language specifically for mobile apps along with websites, therefore they may not oppose seeing this in other places as well, including email.

  1. E-commerce Boom

E-commerce Boom

Online shopping has increased much. An email will keep on playing a big role in e-commerce plans. Customers are key, and getting rid of waiting times will be thought of. Instant gratification will still be present.

  1. Social Media is Very Important

Social Media

E-commerce needs social media to prosper. Facebook is also increasing the ability for customers to purchase via Messenger. In fact, some brick & mortar shops are also offering a shopper experience via FaceTime as well as Facebook Live.

  1. Standardisation Between Design Tools

2017 has seen many tools being created. This flood of products had actually become frustrating. Many apps, tools, and features were created. Now a standardization in the design process is being wanted.

Author Bio: Wynn Zhou is the founder of Nova Communications, a website design and digital marketing firm in Singapore https://novage.com.sg/. She specializes in Marketing and Branding.

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