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What are New Plans of Microsoft Regarding Windows

We all know that Microsoft Windows 10 was released in July 2015. Almost 3 years have passed, and there are just updates in the Windows 10. Microsoft did not announce officially about the new version of Windows. In this article, we will figure out the new plans of Microsoft regarding Windows as new technology. For more technology and to know in details, we would recommend visiting Windows technology.

Microsoft has promised us about the features of Windows 10. They had completed their promises and still increasing the features of Windows 10. Xbox is one of these features in which you can say that Microsoft claimed Windows 10 the powerful operating system becomes true. We hope that in the future more new projects in the Windows operating system will break the records in all the OS than Linux.

What are the New Features of Current Microsoft Windows 10 by Microsoft?

Current Microsoft Windows 10

Cortana Assistant and Xbox gaming are the most useful features and used by many Windows 10 users. Cortana Assistant works in the way that, we can search any important files and folders from the Computer using Speaking. On the other hand, in the Xbox, you don’t need to proper place in one room and playing the game with resistant. Furthermore, you can use remotely and leave the PC in one room and play wherever you are in the World. These features of Microsoft Windows 10 makes and attract the users more and insist to leave the other Operating System like Ubuntu or Windows 7.

The idea of playing the game with Xbox using remote came last year when the need of games in the field of gaming increases. Kids love to play these games on tables because Windows 10 Supports the tablet version as well.

Biggest Plans of Microsoft With Windows 10

Microsoft With Windows 10

Microsoft plans to work on Windows 10 more in a way to run this Microsoft Windows 10 in different modes. They will run Windows 10 on a Single device but their modes are different which is an excited one. For example, recently Microsoft integrate the Windows 10 with tables and Mobile phones. As well as, Microsoft works on the two displays using a clever hinge powering in their new plans of Microsoft.

Satya Nadella is the current CEO of Microsoft has promised us by saying in one of the interviews that Microsoft’s future “phones” won’t look like phones at all”.

Which Shell is Using Microsoft and How it will Better?

Using Microsoft

C-Shell is also known as Composable shell used in Windows 10. They can make universal apps which can run on any devices using this Shell. Device compatibility increases with C shell. Windows Shell also works with Start Menu and Notification Center. In the Notification Center, you get the maximum notification of outdated drivers, features, application. On the other hand, Windows 10 users get the battery compatibility and power related, to affected with a virus all type of alerts in the Notification area.

Moreover, Microsoft works on making a Composable Shell (C-Shell) for its own particular devices that can help in devices. Microsoft’s future Surface designs. Microsoft has been broadly reputed to chip away at a mystery Surface scratch pad gadget, with foldable double shows. And, in addition to makers of Universal Windows, Apps to make utilization of.

Windows Operating System Will be on IOS and Apple

Windows Operating System

Is it true what we all just read above? Is it possible that Microsoft Windows will run on IoS operating System? Calm down! It is possible now we have seen that users are getting this feature indirectly like they use Virtual memory and install the Windows operating System there. In the future, we will see that it will do directly (plans of Microsoft).

Word Flow keyboard is the new advanced keyboard that you will use for IoS and Apple devices or phones.

Say Bye to Holo Lens and Welcome VR

VR is also known as Virtual reality, you will feel it in Windows like you may notice that everything will real but will not. VR will become much strong in the Windows.

  • HoloLens is no place close prepared for a shopper dispatch. It might never be.
  • Microsoft’s Microsoft Windows “Virtual Reality” headsets are standard VR headsets.

This sort of innovation inhales life again into conventional PC based learning and re-stirs the eagerness in clients who are utilized to this innovation in different circles outside of preparing.

What have we Concluded about new Plan of Microsoft?

Microsoft new plans are not so much clear but we can imagine that they are talking about artificial intelligence, machine learning and Virtual reality in their upcoming programs.

If you think, you have more to plans and new updates. We like you to share the details with us. We highly appreciated users feedback.

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