14 Hacks To Increasing Brand Awareness Through Social Media

The thing about social media is that these platforms are meant for the interaction and socializing of different people. Incorporating a social media marketing strategy without involving people in the community will not work for your brand’s development. According to statistics, nearly all marketers focus on increasing the brand awareness of a company (58%) and community/customer engagement (41%).

Let’s dive deep into 15 short social media marketing hacks to grow your brand and move your audience through a specific customer journey.
1. Human-centric Content that is Personal

The thing about social media is that people are always on it to learn something new, to be inspired, or to simply pass the time with content. It has been statistically proven that content that is more human and showcases a certain type of brand personality is more engaging and attractive compared to all other social media content.

2. Grab your audience’s attention instantly

As sad as it is, an impression on social media has to be made only in a couple of seconds. The time for getting the attention of your prime audience is probably 5-7 seconds, to a maximum of 12 seconds if you are really lucky. Creating a social media marketing strategy that forces your audience to stay beyond their timespan of attention with your brand is the hack to succeeding organically.

3. Go All-Out With Designing

There is no alternative to good design. Even the most redundant and boring of content can be made to look attractive with the right type of design. Even though it is psychologically proven that a good design garners more attention than text on a solid image post, the branding part of it and the creativity that an organization can put out through the medium of a post are what matters.

4. Connect With People 

Some brands follow several people to increase their following and then some brands do not need to follow anyone since their branding and their credibility precede them. In the case of just starting with your organic social media marketing strategy, the best way is to reach out and connect with people in many ways. Connecting and following target audiences, tagging people and other brands who are related to your niche, mentioning different people in the comments section of posts, etc, are all tactics that can be utilized to increase the credibility of your brand.

5. Hashtags Still Have Power

When social media apps were launched then hashtags were on the rise and nearly everyone was putting hashtags on their posts for following the trend. The thing about hashtags is that it categorizes posts according to search and also assist in increasing the reach of many posts. Hashtags are still used by top brands where the hashtag of the brand is created with several other hashtags that are related to the industry that it caters to.

6. Creative Commenting

Some brands have taken the higher road to increase their brand reach to the masses. Creative commenting when replying to audiences or even sharing an opinion on the current trend is what matters. Creative comments are the ideal way of sowing the seed of grabbing your audience’s attention.

7. Growth/Stats Post

There is a brand in social media marketing that is open to promoting unusual content. Take a fact that is not known by many and twist it into something that would be related to your industry. Even the most bizarre of concepts can be made into engagement posts that will drive organic traffic to your social media.

8. Say What you Want

 The most important fact about growing your social media strategy is keeping it as human as possible, as per the first point. Brands that are more like people and behave like people are more likely to be engaging with the target audience than brands that are only promoting products and ignoring the human part of it. As such, expressing a brand’s view on the latest news or update that has taken place in the world is a green flag for brands to promote themselves publicly.

9. Turn On Creator Mode

If you are in charge of the page of a brand and you haven’t turned on the creator mode option then there is something wrong with the way that you are implementing your social media marketing strategy. Creator mode enables you to see the insights of all the posts that you are uploading. The number of people who are engaging with your posts, the type of reach that it is getting, and most importantly, the buzz that comes with every post is evident through creator insights.

10. Leverage the Latest News and Trends

Trends are something that is relevant today and would be redundant tomorrow. This is the reason why most brands hone on what is popular today and try to gain more popularity for the same. The latest trends are a “hot topic” and it garners the attention of an audience more. Similar to how news channels work, whatever is trending is taken up by organizations and changed to the industry that the organization is catering to.

11. Encourage Engagement through Content Sharing

Engagement content is something that audiences love. The more creative and the type of content that makes an audience think out of the box are the ones that are loved. Engagement through content is a way of knowing how your audience thinks and perceives your brand. As a brand, the more you are in tune with what is going on around you, the better your chances of growth.

12. Content Segregation as per Social Media Platforms

It’s a rule. The content that is working on one social media platform is not going to work the same on another platform. LinkedIn posts cater to a different type of audience while Instagram and Facebook posts are for a different type of audience. This is the reason why your social media marketing strategy should be optimized to cater to different sources for getting maximum engagement.

13. Stick to Your Theme

In the long run, keeping up to date with all the trends and the news that take place around the world, a lot of brands forget what their theme is and divert farther and farther away from their purpose. The industry that a brand is catering to, the services or the products that are provided by a brand, and the USP of the brand are all important factors and need to be related to every single post that the brand launches in each of its social media channels.

14. Collaborate with Other Brands and Influencers

Influencer marketing or collaboration marketing is a shortcut to reaching your target market easily. With the rise of social media platforms and nearly every other person is a content creator, influencer marketing has seen a boom in recent times. Though influencer marketing can be easily integrated into the social media marketing strategy of an organiszation, it is important to understand the types of influencers that are there and follow through with a robust marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

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