World’s first eco-frienldy social media platform that plant trees., a social media site committed to environmental protection through green gestures.

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A social media site committed to environmental protection through green gestures, is gearing up to entice its members with exceptional social media engagement tools and a pledge to plant 1000 trees. 

Quoeco plants a tree for every 100 users on the platform, giving an environmentally friendly approach to digitalization. Even a portion of the platform’s ad revenue is used to make the area more environmentally friendly. Manasi Jaiswal, the India Head of Quoeco, expressed her gratitude for the relationship that helped to grow the environmentally friendly social media platform. 

“Quoeco is a platform that lets you connect, share, and keep yourself updated,” she says of the platform. However, as we improve our users’ digital opportunities, it is also our moral responsibility to protect them. 

Quoeco aspires to make a difference and would appreciate your help in expressing its gratitude to Mother Earth. According to a study, social media, the internet, and other supporting technologies account for about 3.7 percent of global greenhouse emissions. Quoeco, on the other hand, is the sole platform that can help reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment for a more sustainable future. 

The novel method allows users to experience the benefits of social media with less guilt, which is something that all digital businesses can benefit from. So, be a part of Quoeco’s one-of-a-kind effort and help save the earth. Let us restore what we have taken from Mother Earth in order to ensure a long-term future. 


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