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3 Honda Cars with G Series Inline Engine

The G-series were designed and imported to the USA for some specific cars, including Honda Vigor, Honda Acura TL, Honda Rafaga, and Honda Ascot.

Honda is popular for its work in the sub-compact segment or as we know the A & B segments of vehicles. Although it usually stays away from the luxury automotive market, the company did test the waters with its experimental 5-cylinder G-series engine in the 1990s. If you want an old engine for sale with a warranty, check out this line-up. 

The Honda G-series engine is a line-up of five-cylinder inline gasoline engines. These engines have a single overhead camshaft with 4 valves per cylinder. Moreover, these engines were mounted longitudinally like in a rear-drive platform. However, despite the longitudinal layout, all of the cars with G-series engines were front-wheel drive. Later, as the company decided to discontinue these engines, they found their way into the market as aftermarket parts broadened the variety ofHonda used enginesfor the buyers.

The G-series were designed and imported to the USA for some specific cars, including Honda Vigor, Honda Acura TL, Honda Rafaga, and Honda Ascot.

Honda Vigor

The Honda G-series engine debuted in the Honda Vigor. It was a mid-size sedan with an inline, single overhead cam five-cylinder with 2.0L and 2.5L variants. The structure of this engine was similar to the Honda F-series four-cylinder engine but an extra cylinder was added to the G-series engine. The larger engine variant of 2.5L capacity produced 176hp, making it popular in the US market. 

Honda Rafaga

The Honda Rafaga is one of the short-lived compact 4-door sedans by the Japanese automaker. The name "Rafaga" in Spanish means gust or blustery. It was the sister model of Honda Ascot. It was introduced in January 1993 and features the same 5-cylinder G-series engine used in the Honda Inspire & Vigor. It also shared a platform with the Honda Ascot. The engine is installed longitudinally and follows the same configuration as in the Vigor and Inspire.

Honda Ascot 

The Honda Ascot is a sedan with a compact design manufactured by Honda. It was in production till 1997. The "Ascot" had a reference to the Ascot Racecourse and Ascot tie. The name was used to add class and elegance to the car model. The first generation of this line-up was called the Honda Ascot and the second was named Ascot Innova. While the Ascot followed the course of other sedans by Honda, Innova’s mechanical arrangements matched the European market.


Honda’s G-series engines were not in production for long. They left a mark with the experimental approach. Moreover, the Honda Vigor, Rafaga, and Ascot have a history of leaving their owners satisfied. However, there is a slight inconvenience associated with these cars as the G-series engine is quite rare. 

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