Golf Flexibility

4 Golf Flexibility Drills for Proper Golf Warm-Up and Cool-Down

In spite of the generalization that golf doesn’t require physicality, it is a strenuous game that requires the utilization of A LOT of various muscles. The majority of the various muscles utilized assistance create power and control in the golf swing, so keeping up adaptability is critical for your game. Everyone has been told sooner or later that so as to be adaptable you have to extend more. Luckily or shockingly, these individuals are correct – you have to extend.

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Most PGA Tour players have set extending schedules before they play golf. Miguel Angel Jimenez explicitly is known for his extraordinary driving reach extending and warm-up schedule. So for what reason do specialists, fitness coaches, and golf teachers alike promoter a determined extending routine both when physical action? Many reasons really. Extending:

*Warms your muscles up by expanding course 

Mind While Golfing

*Expands adaptability and the scope of movement in joints 

*Diminishes muscle pressure 

*Lightens soreness and torment 

At GolfTEC, we see understudies battle with shoulder adaptability and trouble turning the lower body through the swing all the time. Realizing these normal adaptability challenges, we needed to share a progression of pre-round and present round stretches on the assistance you prepare for the primary tee and chill off subsequent to gathering your companions’ cash after the round.

Ashley “Air conditioning” Cox strolls through an initial couple of golf adaptability extends in the video underneath.

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