5 Fantastic Tips Help You fast improve your vertical jump ability.

If you are a sports-loving individual then increasing your jump higher will undoubtedly make you better at most of the sports. Most of the sports require sportsman to be tall or otherwise be able to compensate for it through their explosiveness and quickness. Though height is a factor believed by many that cannot be controlled but surely working hard is something that is in a person’s hand. If someone is willing to work hard, he can overcome this obstacle like any other to reach his goal. In this article, we will provide you with some tips on how to jump higher.

You may have seen a lot of sports person like basketball player, football player etc jumping very high and you may also have wished to jump as high as they can. So let me tell you one thing that with a little amount of effort you can also do that. You just need to do some practise to reach their level.

Jump higher isn’t always that much touch. You simply need to do a little practice to jump that much better. There are a majority of exercises that will help you to increase your muscles strength and your body flexibility level that is very beneficial in jumping higher. All you need to do is to present some of your time to these exercise to that will help you to jump better. So in case you want to jump better begin doing practice from now.



First things first, you cannot jump higher if you are not delivering enough power on the ground. And for delivering more power on the ground the more strength you have the better. Concentrate on exercises that target your leg muscles. They will help you in delivering explosive force on the ground that will eventually help you with jumping higher. Exercises like barbell deadlift, lunges, squats, dumbbell jump squat and weighted squats will help you dramatically in this regard. Try doing 6 to 8 reps in each set with 3 sets for every exercising. You can change these numbers later as per your convenience.


Plyometric jumping practise

Almost anyone that will give you tips on how to increase your jump will recommend plyometric. These exercises will help you in delivering force to the ground quickly which can be referred to as velocity. These exercises include rapid and repeated extension and contraction of muscles. Kneeling jump squat, box jumps, jumping squats, skipping rope, bounding and depth jumps are few exercises you can include in your workout schedule to make your leg gains better. Don’t overdo yourself too much with these exercises and have a couple of days rest between this workout. However, you can do other workouts in these rest days.


Diet plays a crucial role in increasing your body muscles and strength. If you are working on your body regularly but not have proper nutrition that that workout may not work for you. So make an appropriate plan of your diet and focus on what you are taking in your body.

Dietary Fat

It doesn’t take much of common sense to notice that it is easier for a lean or thinner person to a thicker or denser person. So it is important for you to get leaner which will help you in jumping higher quite dramatically. Although you should not lose too much weight that your body starts losing its strength but having an athletic body will definitely help your cause.



You must have heard that more you practice the extra you are able to perform well. Practice will help you to increase your body strength. The more you practice, the more you can make your body stronger. So be consistency and do some practice to increase your muscle power.

There is no denying the fact that practice makes a man perfect. Although not regularly but try practicing your jump more often. This will help you in understanding the mechanics of your body. Also the more you practice the better you will get with technique and among all the factors mentioned above technique is an essential factor that will help your cause.


need rest after exercise

Rest is very important to attain all your body muscles because your body need some amount of rest. If you will not give rest to your body muscles they may get damage which will not be a good thing for you.

Your body always needs some amount of rest. You can’t always exercise. If you try to work all the time it may damage some of your body muscles which you will never want to happen. So make a good routine for exercise as well as rest. Give a proper amount of rest to your body.

Now, of course, all of the things will not come until you give your body some rest and help your muscles to regrow. Include one day of full rest per week and try doing alternate days for every type of workout. This will help you in making your progress much faster.
Although after following all these workout schedules you cannot expect to see results overnight. Give it some time with your full dedication and you will see great results in two weeks or about a month.

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