5 Best Industrial Gas Leak Detectors Of 2022

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Jingxun Unblocked is a brand manufacturer with 7 years of production and R&D experience. In recent years, in order to meet the needs of different customers. Jingxun has been committed to the development and testing of high quality practical gas leak detectors, and constantly improve their functions. At present, the industrial gas detector produced by our company works stably, has high sensitivity and is well received by the market.

Why is a gas detector necessary?

In the process of industrial production, the leakage of flammable, toxic and harmful gases often occurs, which will pose a serious threat to personnel, equipment, production and life. The leaking flammable gas is quickly diluted by the air, so it is difficult to find the location of the leak, and even more difficult to analyze quantitatively. When the content of combustible gas in the air reaches a certain value, it is easy to burn or explode when encountering an open flame. If this very dangerous hidden danger can not be discovered in time, it will cause huge losses to people and property.

The main causes of air leakage are :1. Material defects in production equipment or containers. 2. The sealing ring and the sealing ring are not firmly sealed. 3. The welding place of the container is subject to long-term electrochemical corrosion. 4. Human negligence, etc.

How to choose the right gas leak detectors?

1. Wall mount gas detector

This wall-mounted gas sensor is the cheapest industrial-grade gas detector. The overall appearance is made of waterproof ABS plastic, so it can be widely used in harsh environments with more smoke and dust. This gas detector has two output modes: rs485 and analog output, which can ensure stable signal and accurate measurement even after long-term work. The gas detector is equipped with a waterproof temperature and humidity probe at the bottom, which can meet the needs of users to simultaneously detect the three elements of temperature, humidity, and gas. In addition, multiple wall-mounted gas sensors can be installed in an industrial park and the detection information can be uploaded to a unified free cloud platform, effectively realizing accurate measurement and centralized monitoring of multiple locations. This is also the most economical gas detector.

Sulfur dioxide sensor

2. Duct type gas detector

This duct mount gas detector adopts a new type of infrared verification technology for gas concentration measurement, and the response is rapid and sensitive, which avoids the short life and long-term drift problems of traditional electrochemical sensors. The enclosure has a high degree of protection and can adapt to various harsh conditions on-site. The measuring element is located in a 22 cm long stainless steel probe. When measuring, make a suitable hole in the tube to be measured, insert the probe and fix it with a flange. After the wiring is completed, the gas concentration in the pipeline can be stably detected for a long time, and the probe is waterproof and has a long service life.

3.Four in one gas detector

This 4-in-1 gas detector is the most popular multi-gas detector on the market. It can detect four gases simultaneously: oxygen, flammable gas, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide. The appearance is very delicate, using high-definition color screen design, equipped with luggage, very professional out. The 4-in-1 gas detector is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that can be turned on for normal use, avoiding wiring problems. It has two alarm functions: sound, light and vibration. It also has data storage capabilities and can store up to 130,000 items at a time. You can export or view historical data through the configuration software. Because of the small size of the gas detector, it is suitable for customers to carry it in different locations for gas detection.

CO gas detector

Portable Carbon monoxide gas detector

4. Handheld single gas detector

This portable gas detector has the same appearance as the above 4-in-1 gas detector and is also suitable for measuring gas concentrations at different locations. At the same time, it has two alarm functions: sound alarm, light alarm and data storage. This gas detector is suitable for measuring the concentration of a single gas. The gas sensors come in two types: bulk and pump. The diffusion type depends on the gas flow into the detector to be detected by the sensor module and output signal. The pump type relies on the suction pump at the top to draw the surrounding air into the interior, which is detected by the sensor module and output signal. Therefore, diffuse measurement is slower, but the data is more realistic; Suction measurement speed is faster, but the value is affected by the suction pump. Users can choose according to their own needs.

5. Fixed gas getector

This is a typical explosion-proof gas detector, which is mostly used for the monitoring of flammable and explosive gases in industrial sites. The overall appearance is made of stainless steel, with a high explosion-proof grade, and is certified by the National Institute of Metrology. This fixed gas detector detects a single gas, but the measurable gas range is wide, and there are multiple ranges to choose from, which can greatly meet the needs of most users. When in use, the gas concentration can be monitored continuously for a long time. Once the gas concentration exceeds the standard, it will send out a double sound and light alarm to remind the user to take measures. In addition, this gas detector adopts remote infrared remote control technology, which can modify parameters without disassembly, which is more convenient and efficient.


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