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5 Challenges Solved By Attendance Management Software

In the year 2020, companies around the world have radically changed the way they manage and carry out routine human resources operations. One such task is attendance management. Managing employee attendance historically has been a complex mechanism. The process of tracking and recording every employee’s day-to-day attendance has always made HR managers invest most of their time in the back office juggling with papers and registers.

We all know that the pandemic wreaked global havoc in an unprecedented manner. Disruptions that had already started presenting themselves at the workplace, found an accelerator leaving very little space for innovation and experimentation. Last year, remote working, gig/temp economy, highly matrixed organization structures, added dimensions to the idea of diversity, and mental/social Well Being have redefined every aspect of human resources.  Amid all this chaos, the only good thing that happened was businesses realizing the significance of technology. Need to mention, business leaders and HR managers even adapted to attendance automation. Attendance management systems were widely implemented across India that changed the whole attendance management process.

In this blog, we will tell you the top five challenges that were solved by attendance management systems.

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Reduced Accuracy

Unnecessary mistakes in attendance management can impact the whole payroll processing. That means, an error, be it small or big, can cost a considerable amount of money to a business. Needless to say, traditional methods are the biggest contributors to costly errors. This is when attendance management software comes into the picture.  Since such systems are fully-automated, they leave no room for mistakes and cut down every possible human error that can impact a company both financially and legally.

Decreased Efficiency Levels

The attendance management process may sound easy; however, it is one of the most time-consuming routine processes. HR managers invest a lot of time and effort to carry out this task efficiently. As mentioned above, attendance management software needs no human intervention to manage attendance. From tracking each employees’ punch in, punch out to recording them securely, such systems take the attendance management burden off HR professionals’ shoulders, thereby improving their productivity levels.

Increased Labor Costs

Every organization in India, particularly startups spend a large chunk of their money to hire new talents to do labor-intensive and tedious operations. Without any doubt, attendance management is one of them.

Now, attendance management systems allow companies to cut down their expenses on the hiring process. Attendance software is a great way to lower the overhead of a company, thereby increasing its bottom line along the way.

Non-Compliance Risks

Adhering to laws and regulations is acutely vital for every business, regardless of the size and complexity. But, it is again a complicated task for HRs. Amid managing a lot of operations, HR managers often fail to keep themselves updated about new laws and policies to help the company stay compliant in the long run. When it comes to outdated manual methods, they do not assist HRs to fulfill legal requirements on time. Attendance systems, on the other hand, send HR managers every important legal information in a timely manner. This allows businesses to avoid non-compliance risks and several penalties and serious legal cases.

No Flexibility

When WFH started, a number of companies in India had no other option but to search for a warning letter format for employees who didn’t adapt well to this change. When human beings struggled to get used to a new work transformation, attendance management software was flexible enough to support HRs at such times. With features like geo-attendance and ESS, such systems made attendance management easier even during COVID days.

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It may be worthwhile for every company to invest in attendance management software and help their HR department to streamline and optimize the attendance process.

Since managing attendance of the workforce is never easy, attendance systems can go a long way in easing HR’s burden of manual processes and heaps of paperwork. So, the mantra is to get on track with attendance automation or get left behind!

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