Custom Cardboard Boxes

Design Custom Cardboard Boxes for your Products Safety

Do you want to show off your business by adding your logo, background color, personalized text, or even showcasing your own artwork or photographs to your boxes? Discount Box Printing is the custom package packaging company for you if this is the case. We’ve been dedicated to helping you print and design the perfect packages with custom-made boxes having years of experience.

Custom boxes cover your goods better than generic boxes, and customized packaging promotes the brand and enhances the unboxing experience. Discount BoxPrinting will help you every step of the way with numerous boxing methods and superior customer service if you want to ship your products safely and promote your brand or company’s recognition. Discount BoxPrinting stands out among custom cardboard boxes manufacturers with 100 percent recyclable kraft boxes made from 60-95 percent post-consumer waste.

Create Unique Custom Cardboard Boxes with Discount Box Printing

We’re your go-to place for custom printed boxes because of our pre-press knowledge, structural design experience, and various print capabilities — optical, flexo, and litho. Plus, since we deliver all of our services under one roof, we can provide you with quicker production times than any other custom cardboard box manufacturer.

One of the most appealing features of Discount BoxPrinting is the ability to customize any aspect of your package, from size to personalized logos. We have a range of custom box choices for you to choose from, including:

RSC shipping boxes: Traditional slotted cartons, also known as RSCs, are a common and popular shipping type for custom boxes. These cardboard boxes are suitable for heavier objects and provide extra support. The most cost-effective structure for transporting items of different sizes and weights is RSC custom package packaging.

Custom Shipping Boxes: For many e-commerce brands and subscription services, the Mailer or shipping Box (C-series) box is the best choice. The tape-less C-series custom printed boxes are a common option for high-volume, branded businesses.

Custom Box Printing Capabilities

Are you unsure which printing method is best for your custom-designed box? Choose from a range of Discount Box Printing:

Printing on a computer: This is a perfect choice for small orders since the print is added directly to the box.

Lithe printing produces magazine-quality prints in up to six colors. This choice, which includes a laminated sheet on the box, is best for bulk quantity boxes order. You can also give us your physical product so that our designers can come up with the best solution.

We’ll ask for artwork during the online ordering process or by email if your request needs printing. We can create a structural (non-printed) prototype and provide a job estimate if requested. If you’re looking for ideas, our team will show you previous custom printed box designs, outlines, and photos. We schedule the job, produce it, and ship it once you authorize it!

Flex printing: This option uses 3-color printing to add color directly to the package. Simply provide us with information about the items for which you need custom boxes, and we will package and ship them to your company. Photos, measurements, or a pre-existing box specification may all be used.

Why Discount Box Printing is the Preferred Choice in the USA?

Bolt Boxes is unique as the world’s fastest custom box maker. All is done in-house, including design, printing, production, and distribution. What does this suggest for you personally? All of your custom box requests will have shorter lead times. We don’t outsource any of our custom box processes because we do it ourselves.

Furthermore, from the initial inquiry to the final product shipment, we provide dependable, real-time support.

  • Expert workers with a wealth of structural design expertise. Trust pilot has given us a rating of 4.6/5 stars for our customer service.
  • We have a product delivery record of over 99 percent on time.
  • We have years of industry experience so we know what we’re doing when it comes to prepress.
  • Green materials that are 100 percent recyclable should be used.
  • For your company’s goods, we provide protection, improved brand recognition, and a better unboxing experience.
  • We use a range of custom box printing methods to ensure that we fulfill your needs every time.

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