5 Excel Tips and Tricks You Must Know

So to start with We often save excel files and we forget The path of the files when we are Working there’s a very simple excel Functions.


  1. So to start with We often save excel files and we forget The path of the files when we are Working there’s a very simple excel Function here which is called cell so Type cell I will make a little bit Bigger so that you guys can see it like This okay so cell type cell and then Start parenthesis and in commerce Inverted commas just write file name and Close the formula or the function and Press enter The moment you will press enter it will Share the path of the file you are Working on that is pretty simple pretty Handy and you can quickly see it again Its cell and then file them that’s it Simple and short.
    often save excel files
  2. Often while typing a Function or a formula for example I type Here we look up and I want to see what Are the rest of the arguments or the Placeholder for the arguments I just Started and press control shift A it will appear all in front of you so You can see the complex formulas and if You need help it makes sense to have the Combinations right in front of yourself So again ctrl shift and a that will help You to bring the arguments in front of Yourself.
  3. Often while tapping formulas we Get mixed up and we get errors and we Don’t know what to do so let’s use excel To help us in formula auditing so for Example have a formula here sum and I Sum these two and I close the Parentheses and I multiply this with abc Here oh there’s an error so let’s see How we can overcome this error so go to Formulas in the formulas you will find Evaluate formulas so in the ribbon you Have formulas and in the formulas you Have well wait formulas when you press Evaluate formula there is an pop up Window which is evaluation of the Formula so what excel is doing for you Now is Elevating the step of the formula so the First step is to sum up he will check The sum off so excel is going to check The sum up by the way this is not Mathematical hierarchy of checking but It’s a hierarchy of formula in excel so Formula says first sum it up so let’s See what does it evaluate the sum result Is  which is correct one plus two is Equal to three now the next step is it Will multiply it with b here now this Is next valuation and it says that it Cannot evaluate because it’s abc means This is abc and it won’t be well weight By process by the formula and it’s an Error so again let’s see well wait it’s Here step in you see this is the steps Of the formula so the first step is that A plus b and then it’s another one that Is multiplied by abc so step out and you Can see evaluation add a result here so You can see from here which part of your Formula is functioning in which part of The function or the formula is not Working.
    excel so Formula
  4. It’s often very inconvenient When you have to go at the very end of The columns in your spreadsheet and have To see what is the number in the last Column so let me make it easy for you Today so for example we have multiple Numbers here in these columns I will Simply type a function that is called Look up and after typing this function I Will enter a scientific notation which Is a very big number so you can put Anything here but output for example Here e and after putting this i will Simply put a comma and then i will Select the whole row here where I want To see this numbers and you can see it Shows me now the number at the very end Of this columns list so if I add another Number here in the columns for example you will see it has changed here so Again the formula is VLOOKUP not we look Up look up then we have a scientific Notation here and then select the whole Row where you want to search the very Last number.
  5. If you ever come across a spreadsheet With the law to formulas spread across Your data this is one of the hidden Functions that would make it easy for You to see what is the formula of the Function behind a specific number so, for Example, let’s type here a function and Make a sum of this now we have a number by the way so you can see the Formula the function in the function Formula bar but if you want to see it Here there’s a key called back tricky or Carrot key on top of your keyboard under Escape so press it and you will see the Function here now you can see the Function the formula here again if you Press again it will remove itself so you Can see the numbers again so again back Tap key or it is called carrot key in Your keyboard that can help you to see The function on your spreadsheet.

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