6 Features You Must Include In Your Sports Web Application Development

6 Features You Must Include In Your Sports Web Application Development

People are so crazy about their favorite sports. Sports can rejuvenate and makes you feel relax. That is why sports mobile app development is booming fast.

How many of you check scores on your Mobile App? And especially when its the season of football or cricket, almost all of us are found tapping on our smartphones to keep up with the progress of the match, aren’t we? Well, the credit goes to the mobile apps due to which we are able to enjoy our favorite sport today, anywhere, anytime.

Sports is so alluring that none of us can resist ourselves and we hardly take our eyes off the TV or leave the couch so as not to miss an exciting shot, a goal or a strike. But it is not possible every time to stick with the TV and so sports enthusiasts are now switching over to sports Mobile App, which is convenient, up-to-date and comes with tailored content.

Nobody likes to take the pain of browsing sites to know what’s happening in the sports world anymore. Hence sports mobile application development is a good idea but, with a wide variety of sports and tons of sports-centric Mobile App out there, to make your app stand out in the crowd and a sports fan to fall your app, you got to include some must-have features without which your sports app will be nothing but a foul. Let’s see what they are.

1. Live-streaming

Any sport, commentary, scores, events, news updates, interview, and discussion all this are interesting when streamed live. Nothing can match the thrill of watching it live. Take for example ESPN, it has all up-to-the-minute scores, news, live-streamed games, podcasts and video records of program channels.

Live-streaming Web Application Development

2. Keep Your Users Updated

It’s not that sports lovers only are interested in live scores or wins and loses, they also want to know what’s new in the sports like who retired from the game, which new player has joined in which, what new sports product is out in the market, some random info about any player or want some behind the scenes of the match, make sure your Mobile App gives them all.

3. Push Notifications

Not everyone is free to watch the match the entire day but are always keen to know the scores. There, push notifications can calm the nerves of sports lovers. They can know the scores without the need of opening the Mobile App, plus if you make it personalized according to the user, the better.

Push Notifications - Web Application Development

4. Game and Team Info

Schedules, leaderboards, top scorers, standings, these all are very much important to any sports fan. They like to keep a track of upcoming games, events, and others to plan their own schedule better. Also, a sports fan likes to know how his/her favorite team or a particular player is doing. Hence display leaderboards, top scorers, standings, results etc., to encourage the enthusiasm of your users.

5. Profiles and Stats

The history of a player is inspiring and fans admire them a lot. They like to know about the player’s background and the history of records for their knowledge. Show them their trending stories, photos and social posts Apart from that, include performance and game statistics as well in your sports Mobile App and update them regularly as a die-hard fan do checks how his/her role model is doing and where he/she stands in terms of performance.

Profiles and Stats - Web Application Development

6. Offline Mode

A pause can irritate a sports enthusiast, make some write-ups, games or videos available in offline mode so that a weak internet connection doesn’t interrupt their entertainment in any way.

7. Fun Elements

Sports is fun and so its app must be too. Showing just figures can be boring so represent it in an appealing way with some animation and fun elements. This will make the app more engaging and users will love and spread the word about it.

Wrapping Up

A sports app is a handy tool for fans and followers and they expect it to serve them with all they need on the go. Therefore the above said features are something you must not skip in any condition. If you want an expert who can develop all these features for your sports app, hire the experienced sports app developers of Kanhasoft who can make your app the star player in the app store.

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