Dangerous Sports

Top 4 Most Dangerous Sports in the World

You will see now and then people jumping out of a plane into the sky or running before raging bulls; these are the most dangerous sports activities

Having an activity in your daily life keeps your health on track. Many doctors and physicians recommend taking up on a hobby or any sports which keeps any person fit. But there are some kinds of sports which are though very thrilling, but they are very dangerous as well.

You will see now and then people jumping out of a plane into the sky or running before raging bulls; these are most dangerous sports activities, but the number of people to join them is increasing day by day.

Today I will be giving you a brief account on a few types of most dangerous sports.

Bull Running

Dangerous Sports Bull Running

This is a very popular and very dangerous sports activity. A herd of raging and enormous bulls are released in a sealed street, and a group of brave participants runs in front of these bulls.

Now imagine, you are running, and you have a whole herd of bulls behind you. All you can think is not getting run over by them. Rules are simple; you must be 18 years and plus; you must not be under any kind of influence; you must not do anything to incite the bulls.

Although it may seem that rules are simple, the number of injuries you can get in this game are very high. One can even die if the bull targets the participant keeps attacking him.

Free Climbing

Dangerous Sports Free Climbing

It is a type of rock climbing, but it does not involve any kind of gear which is usually used for your protection. The gear is missing because it is a kind of tribute to the mental strength and aesthetic expression of climbing on a mountain without any additional help.

Extremely dangerous this sport can be because if you slipped even a little, there is nothing to hold on to or something you are attached with.

Then there is a long slide down to the bottom. Injuries you can get in this activity can be severe, even life-threatening.

Irish Hurling

Dangerous Sports Irish Hurling
Irish hurling is very much like Lacrosse with the one exception. The sticks do not have nets, and they are shaped in an ax and you have minimal padding.

Why it is included in this list; it is because the rules are very relaxed. Any player can use his arms and stick to stop the other player from gaining progress.

The players are required to carry the ball while juggling it with the help of the stick. You can also hold the ball in your hand for four steps then you must balance it on your stick to process further.


Dangerous Sports Rugby

A game known for big hits and blood filled the mouth, rugby is not a game for faint-hearted people or of course not at all for those who are not trained in this sport.

Very much identical with American football but the major difference is the attire. In American Football, you have a whole set of protected gear to protect you from hits and tackles, but in rugby, you have nothing on you.

In this game, you are tackled down with such powerful hits from someone twice a bigger than you. This game is famous for the bone’s fractures, spinal and neck injuries.

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