5 Major Factors to Consider Before Developing an Uber-like app

Uber currently owns and operates the most popular taxi app. Before you get started on developing a taxi app like Uber, here are 5 major factors to consider.

Waving hands to call a taxi has become a rare sight today. Uber-like apps have made traveling around town as easy as tapping a few options on the phone. The easy-to-use features have enabled people of varied backgrounds to use them with ease. It has become essential for taxi business owners to provide their transportation services with an app.

Uber currently owns and operates the most popular taxi app. If your business is in providing taxi services, you too can build an app in no time with Appdupe. Our app can then be customized according to your business requirements by modifying the Uber clone script. Before you get started on developing a taxi app, here are 5 major factors to consider.

What’s the demand? How unique is your app going to be?

The first step towards developing a rewarding Uber-like app is to understand the demand for your app service. It is vital to seek answers for the following questions,

– What type of locality are you establishing your Uber clone app in? Is it a town or a city?

– Who is your average customer and what is the likelihood of your customer to use your app?

– What is the competition for your business in the region?

– What can your Uber-like app offer that is unique and different from the other taxi app services?

Uber clone app essentials

Uber Car

It is fundamental to understand the key features of an Uber app before making the Uber clone app. Uber has instant notifications and three variations of its app for three different purposes. It has an app for the passenger, driver and an admin dashboard for the administrator.

The passenger app has the following key features:

– The user can sign up or log in to their account

– A suitable ride can be chosen

– The user can choose to ride immediately or schedule the ride for another time

– The user can choose the mode of payment

– Vehicle and driver details are acquired

– An option to cancel the ride with a reason is provided

– An invoice is generated on completion of the ride

– Referrals are rewarded with discount coupons

The driver app has the following key features:

– The driver can sign up or log in

– The driver’s documents will require verification

– Option to get a new ride from a user

– The driver can go online/offline

– Receive user details to contact them

– View the trip summary

Instant notifications keep the user and the driver informed at every step of the service. Be it finding a new ride, cancellations, request for support.

Real-Time Tracking

Location car

A must-have for every Uber-like app is a GPS tracking feature. One of the main features of cab apps is being able to locate where the user or driver is. It is an accurate way of arriving and reaching destinations compared to oral communication. A great app developing team will make sure that your app has a fully functional uninterrupted script that will keep your real-time tracking system running all the time.

Mode of payment

How is your clone app service going to receive payments? Providing multiple modes of payment allows the user to choose a suitable option. The common payment features that cab apps have are:

– Credit card/Debit card

– Online wallets

– Cash

UI Design

The user interface of your taxi app is the first thing that your users will notice. It has to look attractive, operate smoothly and be minimalistic in design. Properly done Uber clones will aid in making the UI design look and function great.

If you’re ready to get started on providing Uber-like app services to your customers, Appdupe can help you with the heavy lifting. Avail a session with our experienced developers who expertise in building outstanding apps.

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