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Best 5 Tips for Staying Competitive in the Custom Boxes and Packaging Industry

Custom boxes are made up of the most environmentally friendly packaging material that is not only durable, reliable, and high quality but economical. There is nothing where these boxes will ever fail you. Paperboard, cardboard, kraft papers, and corrugated cardboard is used to make packaging boxes. It is strong and sturdy, provides proper protection during shipping and handling; flexible that allows it to give any shape like square boxes, cylindrical boxes, window cut boxes or compartment boxes and whatnot. The texture and surface of these boxes are highly printing friendly that ensure the best colors and premium results.

What makes one company better than the other especially when they are offering the same products?

Cutting the crap, it is custom boxes used for packaging of the products that make all the difference in getting to the top or never even make it to the shelf.

Customized boxes fulfill all the packaging needs like;

  • Protection
  • Marketing
  • Promotion
  • Customer attention

Strong and positive brand image

Convey the idea or concept behind the product or the company

There is nothing to hide, how much these boxes are popular, and companies are very well aware of the benefits it provides in making a statement image and increasing the sales of the company.

The task is how to be over the board with these boxes in a way like no one ever had. Customization is no less than a miracle when it comes to modification of the shapes, sizes, and designing. Why not get this opportunity of creating a packaging that connects to the customers, make them feel special, share something relatable with them, and also fulfill other important needs of packaging, protection, and containment.

Be different

To be really honest, there is not a little differentiation in the packaging industry. Same old designs and patterns that are being used since ages, a box is a box, square or rectangular, and typical way of writing information on the boxes, names, logos blah blah blah.

Obviously, it is what it is. How can you go creative with the shapes?

What type of designs, patterns, or colors are never used before?

What is it that will spark a feeling of excitement in the customers?

How can you make customers agitated and want to get your product even if they do not want it?

Instead of going for a typical square box try boxes with window cutouts, boxes with lids and window cuts, drawers boxes, tray or slide boxes, and boxes that look exactly like the product packed inside. The die-cutting technique has made it easy for the customers to go out of the box to create a box. Ironic, ha! Handle boxes, gable boxes, tube boxes, and what not it there cannot be achieved.

Complementing these amazing shapes with the prints and colors that represent the essence of the company perfectly gives a kick to these boxes. Foiling and embossing for important details can keep them in highlight and grab customer attention instantly.

Not to forget the functionality

Do not always keep all the focus on the appearance of the boxes. Competitive custom packaging is the one that is not only captivating but also functional. Functionality accounts for the easy access, feasible opening and closing of the boxes, and protection of the product. Stability of the boxes also matters a lot as people like to keep well-designed boxes on their vanity table or shelves. The boxes that have a flat and secure base which keep them standing straight on a flat surface.

Go with the trend

People are more inclined towards the things that are in fashion. Creativity does not mean that you can go to narrow or too wide with your ideas; you can, if they are in synchronization with the trend and fashion. Use colors that are most in or seasonal. Compact packaging is what that is trendy these days because people do not like to buy products that take a lot of space or are not traveling friendly.

Go with the trend

To beat the competition and stay active and alive in the market, it is important to let customers know that it is them you do everything for but keeping the essence of your company on top. It is important to reinforce your company at every step. Custom boxes have made it easy to attract customers with luring designs and taglines. To create a distinction, it is important to shed some light on the inside of the box too. Yes!

Get the advantage of customization and make some little effort on your boxes to reap a long term benefit. Printing, custom message, greetings, well-wishes, and adorable designs on the inside of the box are perfect. The moment the customer opens the box and sees something like that they stay engaged with the packaging, which means the company. It makes the customers happy and reinforces the brand too.

Save the Earth

Sustainability is a new trend, and the hopes are high that it will always be a trend. Humans have impacted the nature or mother Earth in a very negative way with their activities. One of the greatest is plastic pollution. It is time to be responsible and contribute in the betterment of the environment we live in as according to the study of the pollution keeps on increasing with the same rate; it will become impossible for the living beings to survive on Earth.

Get your custom packaging in environmentally friendly, bio-degradable, and recyclable packaging as it greatly affects the brand image. People are more in favor of the packaging that is eco-friendly.

Creating an effective packaging is not solely about money but creativity or how ready you are to experiment with your packaging to beat the competition in the packaging industry.

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