5 Myths Of IT Staff Augmentation Services That You Should Ignore

Augmenting contract staff is an effective way to ensure on-time delivery and technical proficiency, and reduce development costs to an optimum extent.

IT staff augmentation has become one of the extensively utilized external hiring models. It allows the organizations to hire instant tech talent to fill the gap. Several enterprises find it a reliable solution to meet business challenges and speed up the development process.

Despite that inclination towards staff augmentation, myths revolve around this external hiring service. Few enterprises find this model expensive, uncontrollable, slow, and has quality issues in terms of software development.

So, it is imperative to talk about such rising myths related to the staff augmentation services and try to clear the same. In this blog, come across five surrounding myths about augmenting the technical staff at the time of resource gap. 

1.Staff augmentation is expensive

A common misconception that revolves around staff augmentation is the expansive hourly price structure. Few businesses think that cost of hiring external staff members on a contractual basis incurs more costs compared to permanent hiring. But it's not true and is just a myth surrounding the IT ecosystem. 

In reality, the cost of augmenting developers, designers, DevOps engineers, testers, and other professionals contractually is inexpensive. You hire them for a short-term project and pay accordingly. There is no such need to regularly pay salary, bear medical & transportation expenses, spend on corporate aid, and no security benefits. 

2. No or less control on development projects

Another surrounding myth is the lack of control after hiring resources from an IT staff augmentation company in India. Few organizations believe that outsourcing software development project implies less in-house control & transparency. 

It is the misconception that when you hire dedicated developers from an external partner, then they have more control over the project. Such resources decide which technology to implement, a framework to utilize, design elements, and deployment timeline. However, it does not work that way and you have complete control. 

Staff augmentation partners work in close collaboration with your enterprise. They maintain transparency in terms of daily work practice, development, changes, and other implementations. 

3. Communication-related gaps

Lack of communication between you as a company and augmented members is another myth. Employers think that staff augmentation companies located in different locations are not within your communication reach. Due to this, your project might hamper in terms of on-time deployment and quality.

As opposed to the above, the IT contract staffing partner makes sure to follow seamless communication practices. Despite working remotely, augmented members work dedicatedly on your project and make the best use of distinctive collaborative tools. Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Confluence, Slack, and several other communication modes are available to connect with remote teams. 

4. The cultural difference among the staff

As you already know staff augmentation members work remotely and might work from different locations. So, there is a high chance that you hire a developer or any other professional belonging to a different culture or working in a distinctive time zone. Well, some organizations find this staffing service a particular hindrance to their project. It is again due to communication issues and unable to understand the augmented staff's culture. 

Despite that, it's a myth, and no need to believe in the same. Just understand that augmented members work primarily on your software development project and devote time & effort completely. Therefore, there is no point in finding hurdles in terms of culture and time zone differences. 

5. Quality related issues 

One more myth revolves around staff augmentation services comprising quality work after hiring external resources. Some companies believe that external and remote technical members will not deliver as much quality as in-house members. And the project will not turn out as expected.

However, quality is the first priority of augmented employees. Concerning the same, technical professionals work dedicatedly on your project at a particular choice of time and offer 100% assistance. In that time, you can expect the highest level of quality work, fast development, and on-time deployment with ease. 


Overcome the myths associated with the IT staff augmentation to focus more on software development & performance efficacy. Augmenting contract staff is an effective way to ensure on-time delivery and technical proficiency, and reduce development costs to an optimum extent. Thus, find your ideal staff augmentation partner like OrangeMantra to hire the required set of talent. 

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