IT Staff Augmentation: Before and After Pandemic (Covid 19)

The COVID-19 pandemic is first and foremost a humanitarian crisis. Know how IT Staff Augmentation industry has changed its phase before and after covid-19, and learn

COVID19 continues to be challenging for all of us. For many companies, the current challenge is how to keep employees safe as they reopen offices and return employees to the construction site. 

At the same time, IT departments need to continue to support their organizations by developing new business capabilities. IT Staff Augmentation, organizations have created new capabilities using a mix of employees and external resources. External resources are typically split between staff reinforcement contractors and consulting teams hired according to a statement of work. 

But is increasing IT Staff during and after COVID19  still a viable approach in the coming years?

Staff Augmentation before Covid 19

Before the coronavirus outbreak, IT organizations outsourced software development to expand their internal teams. Entrepreneurs expanded resources and outsourcing projects was the first step in hiring new developers to fill skill gaps.

Ideally, IT entrepreneurs can take a dedicated developer to an onsite office and talk about their business. Expanded staff can gain vast amounts of knowledge, work processes, and patterns from internal team members. However, the COVID 19 pandemic confused this scenario.

Statistics that show a rise in IT Staff Augmentation

In 2019, before the coronavirus infects the world, the global IT Outsourcing market was worth $ 92.5 billion, according to a Statista report. And after the pandemic, the IT talent market has grown to $ 132.9 billion.

With strict lockdown implementations, IT companies are moving digital by integrating cloud services for employees and extended development teams. Gartner Inc. states that total cloud service revenue has increased from $ 214.3 billion to $ 249.8 billion.

According to a Research and Markets report, global revenue for the outsourced customer experience market was $ 78.8 billion in 2019, compared to $ 82.6 billion in 2020 after COVID 19. Statista's report on spending on recruitment processes in the global outsourcing industry showed the US $ 15 billion in 2019 and has grown to the US $ 18 billion by 2020.

By the end of 2021, the IT outsourcing market will reach $ 413.7 billion, according to Statista. The above statistics demonstrate that the COVID pandemic has led IT companies to switch frequently to IT Staff Augmentation Services, resulting in a larger staffing market.

Changed approach of IT Staff Augmentation in the time of Covid 19 Pandemic

1) They learned about their needs

First, find out which departments are tight on funding. And what resources are best for qualifications, expertise, experience, and in all respects 

2) Scanned Candidates

Yes, thoroughly scan candidates through tests and interviews, time, and The money you spend on it. 

3) Onboarded new IT Staff

Don't assume that things will happen automatically after hiring contract staff. Some effort must be made to ensure that new team members are welcomed by the team and can interact comfortably with team members within the company. They should also know your company's policies, procedures, values , and everything else. 

4) Maintained continuous relationships

After the integration is over, we need to repeatedly seek the opinions and feedback of new members to continue to build good relationships with new members.

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation Services Post-Covid Crisis 

1) Reducing Employment Costs and Ambiguity

Covid19, Companies are already facing heat,  so training new staff can put even more pressure on your budget. training. Adding staff through an IT Outsourcing Services company. You can temporarily expand your team with talented people at no hiring or onboarding costs

2) Contract Employment

When hiring a full-time employee, you need to pay attention not only to payroll, but also to the payroll tax, benefits, social security, and even downsizing costs. Well, that might sound good under normal circumstances. However, drastic measures are required during difficult times. Also, as the unemployment rate is rising in the United States, this is the best time for your company to use part-time or contract resources, like- Offshore Outsourcing aka IT Outsourcing.

3) Find people with specific skills for the required period

Organizations May require employees with specific skills for a short period of time. Because of this, you may not want to permanently hire resources or train existing resources because of the cost. So, you can hire a Software Development team on a Project basis. The resources are complete and the project is wasted on the required timeline. 

4) Hire contract developers from cheap destinations

The biggest advantage of building a remote team is that it has a low cost advantage. Dispatched labor companies like Chapter247 can also help you find staff in countries that offer development services at competitive rates. Most of these countries fall into India or Western Europe. And developers based here want to cut development costs because they have lower living costs than in the United States. This leads to significant savings.

5 ways IT Staff Augmentation can help you cope with post Covid-19 business challenges

1. Helps to Save money

Given the current situation, hiring full-time staff for an ongoing project can be not only difficult but also costly in the long run. However, with an IT outsourcing partner, you can strengthen your team for a period of time with talented professionals. This means that you can hire them in a hurry, pay them for the duration of their contract, and be completely confident in the quality of your talent on board. The staff increase also helps avoid other costs that are not immediately apparent, such as Recruitment and onboarding costs, employee benefits costs, and bonuses. 

2. Helps ensure business continuity

Finding the right resources for your job is not only expensive but also time-consuming. Recruiting and onboarding technical staff can take months and can result in delays that can negatively impact the success of the project. 

In addition to hands-on experience with the tools and technologies essential to the project, all professionals have the communication and collaboration skills needed to easily grow and get up and running in-house teams. 

3. Easier to scale up or down

As the current situation evolves and impacts your business, you may need to scale your employees accordingly. Saying goodbye to full-time employees is not easy for any company. Not only is hiring and maintaining them a big investment on the part of the company but letting them go can easily hurt their brand and expose them to many legal and financial challenges. 

The staff increase gives the enterprise a lot of flexibility in this regard. By managing staffing needs on a project basis, they can quickly adapt to dynamic market conditions and project requirements. 

4. Support your in-house team

As the name implies, the purpose of staffing is not to replace the in-house team, but to build the team's capabilities with the skills needed to complete the project in a  timely and successful manner. Therefore, both internal and external teams can be leveraged for this purpose.

As a result, existing employees are less likely to be threatened, rather than IT outsourcing the entire project completely, and are more open to the idea of adopting an extended model to involve a small number of people

An IT Outsourcing Company becomes your best friend when you want to maintain and develop custom Software Applications for your business with the help of external IT Staff. Chapter247Infotech is the top IT Staff Augmentation Services Company, they will help you to develop custom applications. 

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