How IT Staff Augmentation Help Building Next Level Software Products

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Keeping up with the evolving technology and industry trends is imperative for companies to stay ahead of the competition. Building new software products or enriching the existing ones timely is important to meet diverse customer demands. However, sometimes developing a particular software requires more than you actually have in terms of sources. So, at such times, IT staff augmentation turns out to be an on-demand developer hiring model to get the work done.

From the very beginning of the software development planning stage to the final execution of the product, rely on the expertise of the augmented staff. With them, you can easily get the work done in a specific period, cause no further delay, and save development costs as well.

Key reasons why you should avail of staff augmentation services 

1.Meet project deadlines with ease

There might be an instance when you experience the required resource crunch within the team. It could be a shortage of developers, UI/UX designers, QA experts, or any other technical professional. To combat the issue, staff augmentation services help you hire the required talent to meet the project deadline. The augmented members will come onboard quickly to start working on the software development project and initiate the proceedings. Moreover, with their support, you will not lose on any project. And in fact, showcase development efficiency and raised the level of productivity.

2. Bridge the skill gap instantly 

Hiring a particular talent using the traditional recruitment model is cumbersome and time-consuming. The recruitment process can take days, weeks, and sometimes months for hiring the required experience of technical resources. However, your project requires instant assistance and such time-long waiting will not do any good to your organization.

Considering the above-mentioned point, you can hire an external resource from an IT staff augmentation companywithout waiting for too long. Such a short-term contractual hiring model and readily available resources with the staffing partner surely meet your requirement.

3. Having complete project control

Hiring external staff members to become an imperative part of your team does not mean they will be in total control. One of the best factors of staff augmentation is allowing you to completely control the project and resources. As an organization, you can handle all the team members including contractual ones. Allocate the required choice of work, set development timelines, and decide on other takes as per your convenience and requirement.

4. Flexible hiring model at a low cost 

If you are a startup organization or your senior stakeholders are too busy handling clients and other sets of responsibilities, then leave hiring an external partner. Augmentation is all about asking for the relevant resource from a staffing company and finding a readily available talent in no time. Under this model, it is flexible to hire the required source of having a previous set of experience, industry-level expertise, and access to the latest tools & technologies.

Things to Consider Before Hiring the Augmented Member 

With the above-mentioned benefits in mind, you can rely on staff augmentation services to fill the resource gap. Here are three imperative steps you can follow to hire the relevant resource swiftly.

1. Decide on the time duration: 

At times of looking for an additional technical resource for the project, do consider the time limit. In case, you need an external resource for approximately 6 months or less, then staff augmentation is a cost-effective hiring model. If you need a member for more than a year, in such a scenario, go for the fixed-price hiring model.

2. Ensure privacy: 

While augmenting the resource, make sure to keep information access to a limited extent. No matter, if an augmented member works along with your in-house team. Still, try to maintain the privacy of important business information and do sign an NDA with the resource. 

3. Ascertain the budget: 

If you have the calculated budget for developing a particular software, then do calculate the hiring cost. If it is on the limited side, the augmented member will do all the justice to your project.

Concluding Thoughts

The end-to-end assistance of staff augmentation helps make business all the more efficient and resource filled. The contractual hiring model ensures quality, development speed, and operational accuracy, and helps in developing intuitive software products. Get in touch with a leading and top IT staff augmentation company in India i.e. OrangeMantra to meet your staffing requirements.

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