exclusively designed lipstick boxes

5 tips to make exclusively designed lipstick boxes

Lipstick packaging designs that draw the eyes of the target customers

Lipstick packaging designs that draw the eyes of the target customers

Lipstick is one of the imperative as well as most selling beauty products among all other cosmetic items. For cosmetic brands, it is crucial to choose the appropriate packaging option that is instead of securing and storing the lipstick also grab the attention of the customers and make them bound to purchase the lipsticks.

To choose such type of packaging that tells your product story to your target customer it is evident to have little understood about designing the lipstick cases

5 Tips To Make Exclusively Designed Lipstick Boxes

  1. Metallic tones lipstick boxes.
  2. Use of foil stamping for written texts on lipstick packaging.
  3. Customized your lipstick packaging as per your imagination.
  4. Lipstick display boxes with a clear view.
  5. Die-cut options of various shapes.

1. Metallic tones lipstick boxes- smart packaging for smart cosmetic:


The luxury appearance of the lipstick holders bestow an unforgettable packaging experience to the users and due to this all and sundry who deals in lipstick business are in search of the best lipstick boxes. For catering this requirement packaging providers offer alluring metallic tones for the lipstick box packaging. These tones are offered in all colors but the bronze, gold, and silver are trendier. So, if you want to add a luxury touch to your lipstick cases then these tones are so much helpful for you.

2. Use of foil stamping for written texts on lipstick packaging:


Lipstick boxes with foil stamping options bestow adroitly designing for branding purposes. Ass it is known fact that packaging is able to serve as a fifth of the marketing mix.

So, the brand uses it wisely for their understanding as well as marketing objectives. By printing the name of the brand, logo, slogan, and tag lines you can create your brand recognition among your target audience.

So, it matters a lot what type of style you choose for the display of the brand name on the lipstick boxes. You can use several options like foil stamping, and elegant text styles to make the packages equivalent to your high-quality lipsticks.

3. Customized your lipstick packaging as per your imagination:

lipstick packaging

All sorts of lipsticks are not packed in similar packaging. Some lipstick is small in size and needs a small lipstick box for fit packaging while some are little large and require large size boxes. If you pack the small size lipstick in the large box it looks so weird and descends the quality of your lipsticks. Likewise, you have to choose a style, shape or design that is according to the packaging demand of the lipsticks. All these custom requirements are catered through the custom lipstick boxes.

4. Lipstick display boxes with a clear view:

Lipstick display boxes

For retail purposes, lipstick display boxes are exclusively used as these packages provide a properly organized presentation to the lipsticks on the shelves and showcases. So, for retail purposes these display boxes are suitable. However, these boxes are available with different structural dimensions like a five-panel hanger. 

5. Die-cut options of various shapes:

Die-cut lipstick boxes

Amazing die-cut shapes are available for the lipstick boxes to present the lipstick from inside the box. Sometimes different die-cut shapes are used as window panes and a clear and transparent sheet is pasted on them to provide the inside display of the lipstick. 

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