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Easiest Ways to Reuse Your Old Lipstick Tubes

Believe it or not, a waste tube can do more work than you could have ever think about. Have a look at the following tips for recovering your old empty lipstick tubes

Lipstick is every women’s friend! Be it young, adult, or an old one. They keep it close to them always, either in a pocket, or in a pouch. However, what you do when you old lipsticks become of no use to you? Simple, you throw them in trash box, right? 

Well, though your lipstick is about to end, and can’t be used anymore, yet it can bring it into use, do you know that?

Yes, believe it or not, a waste tube can do more work than you could have ever think about. Have a look at the following tips for recovering your old lipstick containers, and decide which one you’re going to use;

Lip Gloss: Take a Vaseline, and mix it with your lip color. Apply it either on the back of your hand or on a plastic compact with help of lip brush.

 While serving as a human palette to blend your new gleam probably won’t seem like the perfect circumstance, blending cosmetics on your hand really heats up the item, helping it to float easily onto the lips.

lip gloss makeup

Lip Stain: If you’re looking for a more restrained lip color, then must try this trick. First, apply a light layer of lipstick onto your lips, then take a lint-free blotting paper for removing excess color. 

 Apply another light layer, then blot again. By doing this, you’ll press the color into your lips, instead of letting it sit on your lips in different layers.

 Lip Liner: Here, you’ll need to take a small lip brush, dip it into your lipstick. Let the brush dry for a few seconds so it can get a tacky consistency. Now, line your lips just like you will do with a lip pencil, and fill rest of your lips with your choice of color. 

 If you can’t find a suitable liner to match your lip color, so you can also use a DIY made lip liner own homemade liner that’s sure to blend flawlessly.

Lip Liner makeup

 Cream Blush: Take a few drops of argan oil, mix it with a bit of lipstick. Now using a stippling brush, apply it on back of your hand. Now, softly touch this onto the apples of your cheeks, following the utilization of your establishment. 

Pick an unpretentious shade of lipstick for this, as a profound cherry red won’t interpret on the cheeks just as a state, a pinky-peach.

 Custom Color: Ever wanted to be an expert makeup mixologist? Take any microwave-safe plate, and pour place multiple colors on it, mix all together, and microwave it for a jiffy. You will get your desired lipstick color

 Tinted Lip Balm: Take a half-utilized tin of lip demulcent and include about a fourth of a container of lipstick to the tin. Blend it around utilizing either your finger or the part of the bargain to make your own special tinted lip medicine.

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