6 Ways To Use Chicken Mince For Kids

Chicken is an excellent protein source, the primary building block in the body. The low-fat content in chicken also makes it a healthy meat choice to add to your diet. But if you plan to add chicken to your little one’s plate, you first need to find out whether the body is ready for it. You can add chicken mince to a baby’s diet gradually, that is, once you start feeding solids like dal and rice. 

After eight months, you can give them boiled chicken as a puree. It holds nutritional value and includes proteins, fats, energy, and vitamins. Here are other dishes you can make for kids:

Chicken and rice enchiladas

Combining rice with minced chicken inside the enchiladas and topping them with Mexican-style cheese makes it a kids’ favourite. Ensure to order the meat from an established brand online that follows an ecosystem of fair practices and timely payments. The partners should encourage ethical farming practices to bring chemical-free meat.

Chicken and apple croquettes

Unlike sausages, this recipe is lean and delicious. The authentic taste lies in the apple. The animals are grown and reared naturally and humanely transported. Buying meat from a seller following WHO and FSSAI safety guidelines is necessary. Order different products online, including the Bhai Chicken biryani kit and chicken curry cuts with and without skin.

Grilled gooey and cheesy rissoles

It is a delicious recipe that is easy to make when you have hunger pangs. You can freeze the rissoles for up to four months and consume them whenever required. Ensure you order meat online and clean it well to keep bacteria away. The sellers store it in air-conditioned and sanitised rooms to prevent flies and insects.

Chicken and spinach meatloaf

This is a yummy, easy, and healthy dinner. It avoids the guilt of traditional meatloaf. Adding some Greek yoghurt and a garden salad, you have a delicious healthy meal for the family. The temperature remains lower to ensure freshness, juiciness, and safety. 

Chicken san choy bau

Use the leftover chicken mince by transforming it into this meaty treat. Serve it with noodles, and you are good to go. Before cutting, the butchers clean the meat with RO water and cut it with food-grade knives. The chicken is fresh and not frozen, so rest assured your money has bought the freshest and tastiest meal. Ground to perfection, it is free of trimmings, fat, bones, and ligaments.

Cajun chicken burgers

Children love burgers, and with chicken as the main ingredient, it makes their mouths water. There is a range of flavours that burst into your mouth. Serve it with wholemeal rolls, swiss cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, and sweet chilli sauce. You receive your order packed in ice gel pad technology to avoid microbe and bacteria infestation. The delivery boys handle it with care while transporting it short distances.

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