8 good reasons your child should attend preschool

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child should attend preschool

Preschool is an early childhood program that combines learning with playtime. If you think preschool and daycare are one and the same, then you are completely wrong. Preschools are absolutely different from traditional daycare centers as there is a high emphasis on learning at preschool. It is designed to prepare young minds for academics, emotional and social success in the future. There are so many daycare centers as well as preschools in Nashik but not many know the difference between them. There is a general belief that it is not necessary for a child to attend preschool. Here are 8 good reasons your child should attend preschool.

Preschool is an opportunity for growth

It is through nursery school in Nashik that your children can experience their very first structured setting with teachers and groups of children. It is an opportunity for them to learn, watch, understand, follow the instruction, express their emotions which sets up the foundation of learning for elementary school.

Preschool promotes social and emotional development

A child learns how to be respectful towards others, solve problems, resolve conflicts, and socialize. They spend time away from their parents and learn to build trust with people other than their family in such a play school in Nashik. Preschool becomes a place where the child will gain a sense of self and explore and build confidence.

Children find an answer to their multiple questions

Children have multiple questions. As they see and hear different things their tiny brain starts developing questions which they expect answers for. Most of the time parents get confused and cannot reply to all of their questions. Preschool in Nashik is specially designed to deal with numerous questions from children which helps them learn new things.


Learning their ABCs and 123s

Pre-primary school in Nashik teaches letters and numbers to young children. That is the start of their academic progress. But preschool makes learning fun for kids as they teach through various activities like storytelling, charts, objects, etc.  

Children get to make choices

Children can choose from a list of activities that interests them. They engage the child in project-based learning, documenting the child’s journey of investigation through field trips, interviews, resource books, and audio-visuals while developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They are encouraged to take up an activity and are taught to play in groups through which they can learn social skills.

Children discover their capabilities

Kids in preschool explore their capabilities and do things independently instead of asking their parents to step in. They learn small activities like organizing their toys, pouring juice for themselves, eating with their hands, etc. which will help them in the future.

Children learn to take care of themselves and others

Teachers from preschool in Nashik teach children important things like washing their hands before eating, being kind to animals, and being good to their peers which will help them learn to take care of themselves as well as others. They learn to pay attention to their teachers and wait for their turn to talk through which they are introduced to behavioral lessons.

Preschool promotes language and cognitive skills

Between the age of 3 – 5 years, a child’s vocabulary skill grows at a rapid pace. They listen to words and have improved grasping power. Teachers in preschool introduce children to new words so they learn to use them on a day-to-day basis.

The cognitive skills of young children are strengthened with a wide range of activities at preschool. They are challenged to observe closely, ask questions and solve problems on their own to work on their Cognitive skills.


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