How to Record WhatsApp Screen with OgyMogy Screen Recorder

Whatsapp is a multipurpose social networking app that allows individuals and communities to connect in an efficient manner. The most striking functionality that Whatsapp furnishes is the sharing of multimedia among the connections. 

Nowadays, the app is the most common source of communication among individuals and communities. Every smartphone user uses Whatsapp for sure. The kids that use smartphones always remain active on Whatsapp, and the same is the case for employees. 

As Whatsapp allows multimedia sharing over the network, it is observed that owing to the presence of inappropriate content over the internet for the kids; it is primarily important for parents to keep a close watch on the activities of their children over the networking app. 

Apart from parents, corporate owners sought to track the activities of their workforce in order to keep their business interests intact and to safeguard their secrets as they can be shared over Whatsapp for gaining undue advantages.  

So, for the sake of safeguarding family and business interests, parents and employers seek a facility to track the activities of their target users over Whatsapp. The purpose is well served by the OgyMogy spy app. 

The OgyMogy spy app serves the best when it comes to the Whatsapp screen recorder feature. The screen recording feature earns a full hand into all the activities of the target user over the app. It provides a comprehensive insight that may be productive for the protection of family and business interests. We will be having an extensive look over the offerings of the OgyMogy Whatsapp screen recorder feature. 

OgyMogy – Whatsapp Screen Recorder 

The OgyMogy is a complete package for all the tracking and monitoring needs of a parent or an employer. The state of the art screen recorder feature enables the end-user to record and watch live activities over the target user’s phone screen. 

The Whatsapp screen recorder feature can be turned on at any point of time to stalk into all the whereabouts of a child or an employee, performing live. Talking about the child tracking perspective, it is found that the reported instances of harassment and cyberbullying are on the rise these days over Whatsapp. The kids get stalked by strangers and trapped for the weaknesses. Sometimes, the kids share personal and confidential information with strangers, which get used to gain unlawful and undue benefits. The stolen information sometimes causes financial damages to the family, which proves to be deadly for the family interest. 

In the business context, it is found that sometimes personal differences and grudges at the workplace trigger the employees to exploit the company’s interest. The triggered behavior then leads to sharing business secrets with competitors over Whatsapp, which is needed to be taken into account; all this can be done using the Whatsapp screen recorder feature of OgyMogy. 

Other Features to Spy Whatsapp

The OgyMogy furnishes the end-user with comprehensive control over other features of the social networking app. All the one-on-one and group chats can be monitored extensively with a spy app. All the multimedia shared and received over the app can be stalked; VoIP calls can be listened to in real-time, alongside the real-time listening to the VoIP calls, the calls can also be recorded and saved to the online dashboard for later reference.

The document files shared over the app can also be looked into. The voice notes can be listened to in real-time. In fact, the OgyMogy serves as the best package to track and monitor all the activities of the employee or kids for safeguarding business and family interest. 

The spy app does all this without any hint to the target user because some users get triggered to inappropriate behavior when came to know of spying on their activities by someone, so this is cautiously taken into consideration. 


Going around all that discussed, one can establish that for the sake of kids’ safety from any potential threats like harassment and cyber bullying, parents need to monitor their activities over Whatsapp. The best service in this regard is furnished by the OgyMogy spy app, which acts as an efficient screen recorder and to monitor all other activities over the networking app. The same function is furnished for the corporate owners who seek to keep a watch on their employees to safeguard business interests.

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