New to Electronic Signatures? Here’s what you need to know!

There are times when old fashioned solutions don’t meet our modern demands, like signing documents and contracts with pen and paper.

There are times when old fashioned solutions don’t meet our modern demands, like signing documents and contracts with pen and paper.

Today’s world demands a more flexible and pragmatic solution. The sheer turnover of paperwork and the bureaucracy involved in signing manually is staggering, even more so for industries that bill on-the-go more than others.

Fortunately, there is a better alternative; electronic signatures.

Electronic signatures benefit everyone from common citizens and enterprises all the way up to the government, raising productivity and efficiency.

It helps reduce our impact on the environment and establishes what can be described as an unprecedented increase output of yield.

Industries such as healthcare, benefit immensely from exercising such an option such as an electronic signature software.

According to statistics, organizations that have integrated e-services in their operations can handle a crisis, such as pandemics (including COVID-19) more efficiently than the ones which do not. 

While the expedience of electronic signature is being recognized worldwide, it begs the question, which electronic signature software produces the best results?

This is where DocSign Pro comes in. With our one-of-a-kind innovative solution, signing PDF(s) is not a chore anymore.

What can our solution provide you?

Here’s what you need to know about DocSign Pro handling your e-signatures:

  • The signing and its approval is done on devices of your choice be it smartphones, tablets or
  • Any changes to the original are also sent online, and the management gets the foresight of prior approval.
  • All your stakeholders are on board and (with little to no technical knowledge required) contracts can be made and modified instantly.
  • The process hardly takes a few minutes, from end-to-end, if all stakeholders are online.
  • Worried about spending your hard-earned money on office supplies? Good news: you do not need pesky printers, scanners, pens, and papers anymore, resulting in a significant saving!

Want to maximize profits and reduce wait times? Get started with DocSign Pro today! Reach out to us!

  • Legal authorities consider a digital signature equivalent to a handwritten signature (saving tons of time and effort).
  • All your documents are stored abroad a cloud-based system, retrievable at any time, making accessibility paramount.
  • Creating archives and retrieving from there is also convenient and smooth.
  • The authenticity and integrity of your documents can be verified more conveniently, including electronic signature PDF(s).

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