18th Birthday Bash

8 Top Tips for Planning your 18th Birthday Bash

Honey, you’re going to be 18. You have all the reasons to shout that out loud. You’re going to be legally an adult. With new rights and responsibilities, comes the responsibility to celebrate it the right way. Planning a birthday can really be a pain in the ass as now people have a completely different definition of a good party. Don’t panic; it’s not that difficult. You just need to identify and note all of the important components of party planning that you may not have initially considered. The first step is to order a birthday cake online in Delhi for the party because nothing says celebration louder than a cake.

 Kick start planning your party planning with these little tips.

Pick up a fancy venue

First, question yourself what kind of a party you want. Yes, house parties are great, but don’t you think your 18th birthday should be a special one. I mean there’s plenty of time for house parties so you can consider booking a fancy venue for the party. And by fancy, I don’t mean an expensive one, but if you’re inviting all your teenager friends, then the venue must suit their taste and preference (no doubt teenagers are picky). Also, it will help you keep your house away from all the house party mess. So call it a win-win.

A theme party can be a good idea

Birthday party

I know you must be thinking that a theme party is an old fashioned thing, but trust me your friends still get excited (even though they won’t admit it), when they get to dress according to the theme. I’m not asking you to choose a pick some Disney princess theme; there are plenty of grown-up themes that will work well for a teenage party. Choose a theme that matches your personal style, decide the vibe you want for your party, and finalize the theme. Plus it gets easier for your guests to choose their outfit saving their time.

Have fun while being safe

You’re 18 now, a freshly minted adult. That opens up so many newly legal things for you (depending on the area you live). It’s okay to include some kind of thing you couldn’t do when you were seventeen. Like in some countries, the legal age for drinking is 18, but not in India. Still, you can go for a little booze, keeping in check that no one over dos it and everyone’s safety should be your first priority. You can go on to try a few cocktails to celebrate but remember not to get caught and don’t tell anyone I told you so.

Source of entertainment

Another important thing to keep in mind is to keep your guests entertained. One of the worst nightmares is to have your guests bored. So how are you planning to keep them entertained? Know your guests, what type of activities they are into. They are your friends; after all, this won’t be difficult. While being under budget, you can still get top class entertainment. You can hire a band or a professional DJ if Your friends just want to dance the night away. Let them dazzle the dance floor. But if your friends like some fun activities, plan some lively games according to everyone’s interest.

Check on guest list and food

birthday Food

Once you have figured everything else out, it’s time to decide who will be a part of your fancy party. I know you want to invite the whole town to announce that you’re legally an adult, but seriously that won’t be a smart move. I know putting together a guest list is a delicate task, as you don’t want to piss off any of your friends, but trust me celebrating your 18th birthday only with your close friends is worth it. Also, you need to remember the venue area while making the guest list, as so many people turning up will only make the place crowded.

Hire a party planner

If you’re all caught in two minds, take out all the stress and go on to hiring a professional. They will take care of the venue, theme, invitations, and even explore something different which you might have not even thought of.

It’s your birthday, you’re not allowed to stress out, that’s why my suggestion is to hire a party planner, and they will take out all the stress off your hands. You just need to tell them your preference, number of guests expected and budget, and they will plan accordingly, this gives you time to focus on your dress.

Talk about budget

Oh, hiring a party planner reminded me of a very important point, that is the budget. Of course, you want everything perfect for your 18th birthday party, but pre-discussing your budget with your parents or someone elder is very important and a smart step in party planning. You might not be worried about the cost, but your parents can be. But don’t worry, you need not break the bank for a great party. With some smart choice, like affordable venue, cutting off that unnecessary long guest list, you can still enjoy the same. Because you don’t need money to have fun when you have friends.

Take lots of pictures

In this virtual world, pictures are a must. Photos are memories, and in a couple of years, you’ll definitely want to look back and remember your cherished moments. 18th birthday is no doubt a big milestone, so make sure that you get it documented. With all the camera phones, while your guests are busy taking selfies and having fun, don’t forget to capture enough group pictures and some candid shots to keep a record of everything you do this night. It’s easier than ever these days to click pictures, but If you don’t want to bother yourself with a camera on your special day, go on hiring a professional photographer. Trust me; These pictures will be priceless.

Keep all these points in mind and take the help of friends and family if required. Online cake order in Delhi through winning and make sure after everything, you enjoy after all that’s what really matters.

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