A Definitive Guide to Build an iOS Mobile Application Development

The beginner’s guide to learn iOS mobile application development and develop innovative applications.

In our industry, several applications are developed every year. But when it comes to mobile application development, Android and iOS platforms are the best option. Many IT companies are developing iOS applications that are in high demand among youngsters and business persons. 

iPhone is abbreviated as the iPhone Operating System. In this guide, we will discover the process of iOS mobile application development as well as various tools and programming languages to leverage this booming demand.

What Is iOS Application Development?

iOS application development is the process of creating applications that work on all Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch, and many more. Apple has its own App Store for publishing an iOS application and making it quickly available to users.

Why Choose iOS for Application Development?

Android is a well-known platform for mobile application development, and iOS is the second most popular platform. But despite that, iOS is still one of the most successful operating systems at a worldwide level. There are significant benefits you will get from the development on the iOS platform. Have a look at them.

  • Powerful platform

  • Easy to learn the programming language

  • More sophisticated tools

  • Great speed and reliability

  • Less development time

  • Best for business and gaming

  • Exemplary User experience

  • Efficient battery and less heat generation

  • Reliable customer support

Understanding Apple Guidelines

Apple has strict guidelines for publishing an application, which you and your hired iOS development company have to follow to ensure that all the rules related to design, privacy, and security are strictly followed.

1. Overview Of App Store Guidelines

An Apple strictly checks out are safety from offensive and upsetting content. It expects seamless performance and monetizing strategies of your app, innovative and clean design, and following legal requirements.

2. Avoid Common App Rejections

Apple has highlighted some issues to save your application from rejection just because of a few problems like crashes, bugs, placeholder content, and broken links.

3. Apple's Design Guidelines

Your application success depends on your design choices as well. With basic UI/UX design elements, it requires consistency in an application to get an entry into the apple app store. 

What Technology Is Used To Build An iOS App?

Technologies that are used while developing an iOS application are:

X Code

It is an official development tool by Apple that is necessary to learn whether you are going to use Swift or Objective-C. It comprises all the features required to build a native iOS mobile app. 

App Code

It is an integrated development environment (IDE) for different programming languages, such as Objective-C, C++, Swift, and JavaScript.

Code Runner

Additional and attractive features in Code Runner's IDE for various languages are fuzzy search, tab-selectable placeholders, documentation snippets, and many more.

Programming Languages For iOS Application Development

To develop any application, we require a programming language to code. Have a look at iOS programming languages.


It is the original language provided by Apple to develop iOS applications. It is a part of the C programming language, which means its basic structure and syntax are like C. It offers object-oriented capabilities and a dynamic runtime.


It is the most powerful and intuitive programming language to create iOS apps for Apple devices (including iPhone, iPad, Mac computers, Apple TV, and Apple Watch). Swift is easy to use and open source, which helps to create innovative applications.

Basic Requirements To Develop an iOS Application

Before you could learn the development process, You need to learn some basic things about iOS development;

Mac System

You require a Mac Mini and Mac computer with the latest macOS version. If you have a Mac Mini, you need to attach it to your monitor screen to start your work.

Create developer account

When your Mac system is ready, you must register yourself as an iOS developer account in the apple app store. After having a developer account, you can download Xcode and access iOS SDK.

Now you have to register yourself at Apple's developer website as well. It just needs your Apple ID; if you do not have this, create it.

Install Xcode

The tool needed for iOS application development is Xcode. It is Apple's IDE for Apple devices. Xcode is a pack of frameworks, compilers, tools, and iOS SDK. It comes into use while designing UI, software development, and debugging.

iOS Application Development Tools

Have a look at some iOS application development tools useful while developing an iOS app:

GitHub: A code sharing and publishing service and programmer's social networking site.

Bitbucket: A platform just similar to GitHub.

Stack Overflow: A platform of questions and answers for developers and coders.

Icons: Using icon kits like Glyphs, which has hundreds of icons created for iOS devices, containing social media icons, play and stop buttons, and some task-related app symbols.

Mockups: One more tool you can use is Balsamiq Mockups. A mockup means a rough sketch of your app works. It points and clicks the editor for mockups of the app. It will be better to start a mockup before programming.

iOS Application Development Process

Now, you can start your application development project. 

Step1- Launch Xcode and start a new project.

Step2- Understand the Xcode interface. It is easy to use. It comprises sections like toolbar, editor area, utility area, navigation area, and debug area. 

Step3- Start coding your application with a programming language.

Step4- Connecting the UI.

Step5- It's time to test your app.

The test is in the pyramid distribution way, where you will have three levels. Specify and write one test for each plot. 

In the first step, you will have a Unit test to cover your application logical part. The next one will be an integration test, in which it will check whether your application's smaller parts are connected properly or not. In the third and the last test, there will be UI testing to declare the correct performance or behavior of common cases.

Each test contains three phases:

1- Arranging

2- Action

3- Assertion

After going through all these tests, inspect your application and submit it to an app store. After publishing it to an app store, it will take up from a few days to a week, or it could take up to a month, to get approval.

iPhone applications are important assets for both personal and business purposes. An IT company requires a great deal of planning and execution to create apps that suit specific customer needs. Therefore, you should know the latest app development trends. Here, we have a list of 10 useful tips and tricks to enhance your iOS application.

  • Analyze your application goal

  • Conduct market research

  • Integrate the latest trends and updates

  • Create engaging app design

  • Use a launch screen that looks like an initial screen

  • Ensure app compatibility

  • Use ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) for memory management

  • Avoid blocking the main thread

  • Use GCD [Grand Central Dispatch]

  • Use Xcode instruments to improve performance

How Much Do iOS Developers Cost?

  • In the US- $73,500/year to $178,800

  • In South America- $76,000 to $100,000 annually

  • In Ukraine/Eastern Europe-maximum $100,000

iOS App Maintenance

After a successful deployment of an application to the app store, you should know this is just a half chapter that you have read or understood. The remaining part of the chapter is about app maintenance.

It includes app update, analyzing user feedback and changes it requires, bug fixing, features update, performance optimization, and all. Now, update your app to the new versions of iOS and check whether the old versions are still working.

 As an app development company, constant changes and balancing users' expectations can take you through the development roadmap that will increase growth in your business.


In this beginner's guide, you have learned every aspect of developing an iOS application. But practicing is more effective than understanding the process. Try to follow the app development process given in this blog to code your application on the iOS platform.

iOS application development is more than having an idea for an app. And the complete process requires correct planning, resources, and execution. An app development service will help you create the best applications for your clients.


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