Vidya Chetana, An Education NGO Is Enabling Poor Students To Achieve Their Dreams

Vidya Chetana, an Indian NGO has stepped in to support education of underprivileged students along with providing 21st century skills to make them ready for the real

“The scholarship I received from Vidya Chetana helped me to complete my final year BTech,

following which I also secured a placement in IBM. I am extremely grateful to Vidya Chetana for helping me achieve my goal.” says Sahana, a BTech Graduate from Presidency University, Bengaluru. 

This testimonial is a reflection of the vital role Vidya Chetana, an education NGO has been playing in ensuring accessibility of higher education for students from socio-economically weaker sections. So far, Vidya Chetana has supported education of more than five thousand students from across 10 states in India. And not just that, this NGO has also been supporting skills development among its beneficiaries to prepare them for a seamless transition to the employment sector after completion of their studies. 

Overview of Vidya Chetana

  • In 2009, Vidya Chetana began its journey as one of the NGOs helping poor students.
  • It supports higher education of underprivileged students by sponsoring scholarships.
  • The beneficiaries of Vidya Chetana are students from socio-economically challenging backgrounds, specially-abled students, and those who lost their parent/s during COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The scholarships are provided to support higher studies in PUC/Intermediate, Degree, Engineering, and Medical courses.
  • Vidya Chetana creates a platform where supporters can see the need and choose to sponsor for education of students pursuing or wanting to pursue the aforementioned field of studies. 

The role of Vidya Chetana in fulfilling dreams

Vidya Chetana is cognisant of the gap that needs to be addressed in order to facilitate a smooth transition for graduates into the employment world. So, it does not limit its role to just being an education NGO, rather goes the extra mile to support the beneficiaries in attaining their goals and aspirations with the following programmes:

  • Admission guidance for college and course selection based on the interest and ambitions of students.
  • Career guidance sessions to enable students to take the right path in fulfilling their goals.
  • Training on 21st century skills along with soft skills workshops.
  • Mentorship programmes that include residential camps, value inculcating workshops etc. to mould students into responsible citizens.
  • Employability Readiness Programme for final year students to make them job ready. 

Step in to fulfil dreams with Vidya Chetna

By supporting the efforts of NGOs helping poor students, you can bring a tangible and sustainable change in the socio-economic landscape of the country. You will actively participate in creating the foundation for an empowered generation. In fact, by engaging with Vidya Chetana as an individual or as an organisation, 

  • You can immediately support meritorious students and create an impact at a community level.
  • You can align with and create a global impact by directly contributing towards the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, i.e., SDG 1 – No Poverty, SDG 4 – Quality Education, SDG 5 – Gender Equality, SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth, and SDG 10 – Reduced Inequalities.

You can choose to support this education NGO in multiple ways such as: 

  • Contribute an instant online donation. 
  • Join as a CSR partner. 
  • Organise a fundraising campaign.

By doing so, you will not only empower the students, but also receive the following benefits:

  • Regular updates on the progress of the student you have supported.
  • A chance to meet and interact with the student as well as send and receive messages from the student (through Vidya Chetana).
  • Donation receipt and Tax Exemption Certificate on all contributions of ₹500 and above as per Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Be the catalyst

Your contribution can potentially transform lives of underprivileged students, making them self-dependent, skilful, competent individuals. This year, 2,500 students are waiting in anticipation to receive support. And your partnership with Vidya Chetana can prove to be instrumental in supporting education of these students. Sponsor for educationof poor students and enable them to break free from their current hardships by attaining their dreams and goals. Take action now!

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Vidya Chetana Scholarship Program is an initiative of Youth for Seva to support higher education of socio-economically underprivileged students. Your support will help students wanting to pursue PUC (Intermediate), Degree, Engineering, and Medical Courses. Your contribution towards the Scholarship Program will help students continue their education as well as qualify you to receive tax exemption on your donated amount (₹500 & above). 

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