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Learnclue provides digital abacus and Vedic math for children.
Learnclue teaches an easy way to abacus without using any instrument.
A digital abacus means that it

Learnclue – The Educational App

Why Learnclue?
Learnclue is an interesting learning app where kids can improve their mental abilities. This app mainly focuses on Abacus and Vedic math. This app is also useful for teachers, trainers, and also those preparing for competitive exams.

The Learnclue app is a trending app where all the children are encouraged to learn and improve their skills.

The Benefits of the Learnclue app:
The benefit of this app is that we can save time and money.
This app provides online classes for students, teachers, and trainers.
For any Calculation, we use paper and pen to solve, but in this app, without using this we can solve a problem.
We can learn anytime, anywhere without using the Abacus tool.
In this app, we can do a lot of practice, and also we can write exams.
In this app, every class will be recorded. So if we missed any class through this recorded video, we can listen in our free time.
It shows the time taken to complete 20 problems.
Let us know about Abacus:

The abacus is a mathematical instrument where we can do calculations such as Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. But Learnclue provides a digital abacus where we can learn digitally. In a digital abacus, we can do calculations on the app.

The benefits of Abacus:
Visual Memory
Listening skills
Improved concentration
Logical thinking
Arithmetic skills

Let us know about Vedic maths:

Vedic math is ancient tricks and calculations. Vedic math helps to solve a problem in less time. Vedic math contains sutras and sub-sutras. Learnclue app provides Vedic math where students can learn easily.

The benefits of Vedic Maths:
Higher marks in maths
Self-reliant child
Fast calculation
Removing maths phobia

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