3 Things About IPhone 11 Pro Max

3 Things You Need to Know About iPhone 11 Pro Max Which Has Been Removed

As we all crazy about mobile phones and craziest about iPhones. The world is dreaming to purchase iPhone 11 Pro, no doubt this version is best among all.

iPhone is so expensive and if damaged you have to concern any iPhone repair service and it costs high, but iPhone 11 Pro Max will not be going to break easily.

Moreover, there are some features which have been removed from the iPhone, the reasons and features are explained below.

Two-Way Wireless Charging

The First feature that has been removed was “two-way wireless charging”. The iPhone supports the Qi standard for charging (as is pretty good for every wireless charging smartphone currently available) and is a convenient and welcome feature.

But the promise of two-way charging, with other accessories such as the AirPods charging the iPhone as a charging plate, was nowhere to be seen.

The quick answer is, this feature has been removed because it does not meet the minimum standards. But this raises a far more important question.

Why can’t Apple get wireless charging? The android-powered competition was solved years ago, the charging industry has a wide range of accessories, bilateral charging flagship is a popular feature on Android phones? 

What has Tim Cook managed? One of the biggest white elephants in Apple’s history with Airpower, and the inability to deliver a feature that is widely available on other handsets. Apple is failing on wireless charging.

The Camera – IPhone removed telephoto lenses from the dual-lenses

The second one is the camera. If you compare the camera of all the previous models of the iPhone, then, of course, this year’s iPhone is going to have an outstanding camera. 

The question is, what happens when your standards are out of the capertino?

Phil Schiller arrived on stage and pushed both the Ultra-Wide Lens and the Night Mode.

Two features that might inspire Apple loyalists but have come standard with every other smartphone maker. Apple is still trying to catch up, and in the process, Apple removed the more useful telephoto lenses from the dual-lenses installed on the iPhone 11 to replace wide-angle lenses.

Removal Of 5G Feature

Finally, the third feature is 5G. It’s been clear for some time that 5G won’t be in Apple’s 2019 portfolio, but that doesn’t give Tim Cook a pass. The idea of the iPhone is that it is expensive, but it has a long and useful life. When you are looking for more than $699 for the entry level handset and $1450 for the upper part of the line iPhone 11 Pro, you need to provide some future proof.

That’s why 5G is important in this year’s handset. Service availability is going to increase rapidly, and 5G will take advantage of them immediately. iPhone users are out of luck. Ensure consumers have a smartphone that is ready for the future? Apple is also failing in this regard.

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