How to Track People with Android Spy App

To protect your kids, or to increase the productivity of your business now you can monitor the mobile phone activities of all your targeted cell phone.

To protect your kids, or to increase the productivity of your business now you can monitor the mobile phone activities of all your targeted cell phone users by installing an android spy application. This application will help you keep a track on the mobile activity of people around you.


TheWiSpy Android spy app is an easy to use and user friendly software which can be installed on your phone and can automatically log all the mobile calls and text messages of a person. The software is equipped with advanced tracking capabilities and this will allow you to get the complete information of the persons who have been calling you, sending you mobile numbers, name, address, carrier, etc.

TheWiSpy is installed on your phone so that you can monitor the activities of all the users of your mobile phones. The applications of this software are user friendly and they also support multiple users.


You can easily install TheWiSpy on your phone by downloading it and setting up the settings of the software. Once you have installed the software on your phone, you can get complete details of the mobile phones of people whom you want to track. The information obtained from this software includes mobile phone numbers, names, address, carrier, email id, etc.

You can also view the call logs of a mobile spy application which you need to make a single search. It is completely hidden from the user and he/she has to enter the number of the phone number where he/she wants to see all the details about the caller. The information provided by the android spy application include the name of the caller, his/her carrier, and other relevant information about the caller such as his/her location and other details.

Needs and Requirements

You can find many different ways to use this application and there are different options available to you for different needs and requirements. You can install the application on your phone or you can use it online.

By using  android spy app you can get all your mobile activities logged and you can access all these activities from the internet. You can also view the calls made to or received by the number and you can also get all the messages received and sent on the phone.

Monitor Ongoing Calls

You can view the incoming and outgoing calls on the phone through the android phone. All the call details of the person who is calling can be displayed in the screen. If you want to track someone, just enter the phone number in the search box and the name of the person whom you wish to track can be displayed in the results. The details of the person can be accessed even after a particular time period.

Monitor call Logs

The call logs of a certain phone number can be viewed and you can even see the incoming call records of the user. If you want to know the caller’s location, you can access this information on the phone and you can track the location of the mobile phone by entering the cell number in the location column in the screen.

Monitor Text Messages

You can also access the SMS logs of the phone through the android phone and you can get all the messages, received, send and sent through the phone. from any part of the world. You can even see the time and date when the message was sent. These messages can be sent and received as well.

Monitor Web Activities

You can download some free applications for this and you can also purchase some paid applications to keep track of the people whom you have blocked from contacting you or whom you wish to block. You can also view the websites visited, emails, videos watched, pictures uploaded, songs listened, and others which can be used to monitor the activities of the person.

keep a track of the mobile users

You can keep a track of the mobile users and their behavior to a large extent and you can even spy on them by accessing the camera of the mobile. You can keep a track of the GPS locations of the user and the movement of the user over a particular period of time.

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