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Understand the advantages of Google Data Studio for client reporting

The strong business relationship reflects remarkable business progress. Your efforts and hard work must be known by your clients so that you can boost your business approach. To update your clients about what measures have you taken for raising their business standards, you need to make a record and that we called client reporting. When you want to maintain a strong relationship with your clients, reporting is one of the best methods to do. By creating effective and informative clients’ reports, you can show your dedication and efforts. 

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Indeed, client reporting is a prominent task for business management but it is also time-consuming. It is vital to show your accountability for your clients when you want to get great business enhancement. Thus, choose Google data studio as a convenient and easy option to create your client reports.

Google Data Studio as a good option for client reporting

Google Data Studio allows you to make reports that are easy to use, share, and customize. It is a dashboard and reporting tool that helps you to change your data into more informative insights. With the help of Data Studio, you can track KPIs to understand the various factors affecting the client’s business growth and how to meet the business objectives. 

Currently, Data Studio is in beta mode and free accessible by Google Cloud and Google account users. It works like Google Analytics dashboards which you have 12 widgets for a dashboard and can add more as per your requirements. Prefer Data Studio when you need to work more than 12 widgets and want to create as much as reports to fulfil your requirements. Keep the tool handy to get Google Analytics for your clients’ report. Let’s discuss how Google Data Studio helps you to create effective reports.

  1. Customize dashboard as per your requirements
  2. Allow using various resources for data collection
  3. Choose customize data ranges
  4. Live data connection
  5. Calculated metrics
  6. Dynamic controls
  7. Finest collaboration

1# Customize dashboard as per your requirements

Using Data Studio, you can create and customize the dashboard as per your clients’ potentials and explain the necessary performance indicators to amplify their brand’s image. These dashboards allow you to share your reports among various groups and make your internal business communication effective. 

2# Allow using various resources for data collection

As discussed above Data Studio works as a Google Analytics and used as a data resource. And, it also helps you to combine information extracted from various data resources. Combine data from different sources and share it on other online marketing channels using Data Studio. 

3# Choose customize data ranges

Select Google Data Studio if you want to add diverse data range segments in your reporting. Get the advanced look of data and compare with other information using the following key points:

4# Live data connection

While creating client reports, one of the biggest challenges is to connect these reports with live data. Various Data connectors such as Double Click, Google Sheets, Google Adwords, etc., help you to make a connection with different data sources. By using data connectors, you will not get the requirement of daily updating your reports. Live data connection creates toggling between date ranges. Though you have old data, you can use any date range to fulfil your necessities.

5# Calculated metrics

Raw information is not enough to make a meaningful report. One needs to use calculated metrics for generating purposeful reports using formulas. When you consider these formulas in your report, you need to check out the wide range of logical, mathematical, and other required functions.

6# Dynamic controls

Using Data Studio, you can prepare your report efficiently and add proper visualizations to show your marketing outcomes to your clients. For that, you need to add some dynamic controls on your reports and allow users to filter over the content. Make sure you have proper dimensions and date range selectors. Whenever you need to add any information or require some editing in the client’s report, you can use these filters to include and exclude your content.

7# Finest collaboration

When you prefer Data Studio to create your reports, sharing and collaborating your reports become easy to do. Using Data Studio, sharing your reports become easy while working on the same on them. Assigning some specific permission to users is also possible because of Data Studio. Using this feature, you allow your clients as well as your team to access the report at the same time. Because of that, you will get to know what changes made by your client and your team on the report. 

Google Data Studio restricts some functions while preparing reports

  • More data connections
  • Less visualization
  • Tooltip Customization
  • Data Blending

More data connections

It is quite challenging to connect live data into your reports. While using Data Studio as an important dashboard tool, this issue can be solved with the help of built-in data connectors but limited to some connectors only. In order words, Google data resources most of the connectors but some exceptions also present such as MySQL. To upgrade this tool for the next level, Data Studio needs to provide some extra data connectors apart from Google. If it allows users to access different data connector APIs to make their own data connector, then it would be more beneficial to them.

Less visualization

Using Data Studio, users can get basic visualization for data views like other reporting tools. While using Data Studio, data can be visible through lines, bars, and pie charts. Usually, a normal user doesn’t require more information but the analyst asks for more information before coming to any conclusion. Better visual options offer more understanding over a specific topic. In Data Studio, users will not get enough visualization choices for creating innovative client reports.

Tooltip Customization

One of the crucial tools in business management is tooltip. Using tooltip, you can add information and details about anything when the cursor is positioned over the thing that could be any image, graph, and so on. Various Business intelligence tools allow users to get more meaningful data using tooltip feature. But in the case of Data Studio, no additional metrics are provided to your tooltips and limits information addition in graphics.

Data Blending

Blending various data sources is one of the biggest benefits that make your reporting tools and data visualization more powerful. 

To make your reporting tools and data visualization more powerful, the blending of data from various sources is the most demanding feature. With the help of data blending, data connection and data comparisons from various sources became easy. This feature is not workable in Data Studio and limits the vision in client reports.


Still, Google Data Studio is in beta mode and upgrading its feature for better user experience. As per the above discussion, some areas such as more live data connections, customization, tooltips, and data blending need improvements. Connect your data with Google data sources to create meaningful reports by establishing a proper data connection. Use the Google Data Studio to create informative and productive clients’ reports.

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