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Custom Cardboard Boxes How It’s Made Step by Step Process Card

A custom box can be used for a lot of things. From gifting to keeping things for yourself, they can be employed in a lot of ways.


The holiday season is already here and gifts are being wrapped. This season, you can also build cute gift boxes for your loved ones. The process is not that difficult but it requires care and attention. You can even sell these boxes on different websites. A lot of people these days are doing this.

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They make boxes, customize them attractively, and then sell them on different online platforms. Luckily, there are enough buyers on the internet that everyone is able to sell their containers.


You can also make Cardboard Boxes using some materials and putting a little effort. The results will exceed your expectations if you follow these guidelines.


Required Materials


You will need some materials that will be used to make your custom cardboard boxes. These are used cardboard which will be used to build the structure of the box, a blade for cutting and crafting (make sure it is a sharp one), and a tape that will bind everything together.

Cardboard Boxes Packed

Step 1


Unfolding the cardboard box is the first thing you will need to do. There are tabs on the top and bottom of the box. You will need to unpack all of them. Use the blade if needed. Sometimes the tabs will be bonded strongly and would not come off easily. Here, you will need your blade. After doing all this, you will get a large, flat piece of cardboard.

Step 2

Place the item inside. It could be anything from a book to a framed picture. For convenience, let us suppose we have a book. You have to put in on one side of the cardboard. Its distance from the sides should be half of its width so that folding becomes easier and effective.

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Roll the item twice and make lines using a marker or the cutter. If you use the cutter, do not go too hard or the cardboard will be cut. You just need to mark it for now. After marking, cut the excess cardboard completely and discard it. Now you have to deal with the part you are left with.

Step 3


Cut the sides that you have marked. Ensure that the sides you are cutting are a few inches larger than the item itself so that they can then be folded around it. Hold the cutter firmly so that the cutting is smooth and in a straight line.

If you hold the blade loosely, you would not be able to cut in a straight line and the whole packaging will be damaged. It is important because when bonding sides together, the sides should be equal to seal the item effectively.

Step 4

Fold all the cardboard sides around the item to cover it properly. If you have cut the sides equally and in a straight line, the cardboard should sit equally on all sides of the item. Bend exactly where you used the cutter.


No matter how large or small a box you have made, it should always be symmetrical. Symmetry does not only improve the holding power of the container, but it also enhances the beauty of your gift.


Step 5


In the subsequent steps, we left some space while cutting the cardboard. Those extra sides will be very useful now. Yes, it is time to fold them around the product to secure the product fully. But folding them around the item is not easy.


An alternative is to cut the excess sides completely and then paste them as separate parts. Now use the tape. The usage of the tape depends upon the size of your box. A large-sized box will have large sides and the width of the tape might not be enough to deal it properly. So, you might need to use it twice. But sealing a smaller box is easier.

Step 6

Now customize your casing. You can do it in different ways and every part of customization is as important as the other. The usual elements of customizing a box are the colors, fonts, and the decorations you use.

You can either get it done by a professional designer or do it on your own if you feel you are capable of doing that. Take color markers and write on top of the box. If it is a gift, you can write a greeting and a wish you have for the recipient. For decorations, you can use ribbons and other such materials. You will easily get a lot of ribbons at cheap rates from the market. They come in various colors and can beautify the appearance of your container.

Making a box is not a very tough thing to do if you have the required skills and materials. Besides that, you must also have the ability to concentrate on what you are doing because even the slightest of mistakes can make your perfect box go awry. 

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