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Advantages of Using Uber All at One Glance

Uber has become a known app to many of us. People who are out at a party or going out for dinner, there will always be some people around requesting a car from Uber.

There are some guidelines that new Uber riders must know to a ride where they are standing. We are sure once you start using Uber, you won’t rely on any other transport after that.

Uber Is Always Available:

You are at a function, and the party is full on at midnight. You just looked at your watch and it’s late getting the last bus. Just a thought about Uber Car Rental takes your worries away! You open the Uber app, set your pin location and the Uber driver will be there within no time.

Sharing A Ride with Friends:

car with Friends

It’s not about just going to a party but if you want to go with your friends. Uber facilitates you to share your ride with your friends. Thanks to the split fare Function that allows you to share the cost with at least 3 passengers during the ride. If you are going with a bigger group, you can request for UberVan that can adjust passengers up to 7.

Get on Your Way Faster with Saved Places:

Every one of us has some favorite places which they visit regularly. Your home location, your friends’ place, a favorite coffee shop or the place where you work and go on a regular basis. These addresses can be added in your Uber app, that can be searched easily to reach your destination with just a push of a button.

Let Others Know Where You Are:

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You are on your way to the friends gathering, and some of your friends are asking you to meet at the entrance. While it’s the peak time, roads are busy, and you are sure to be late a bit. Thanks to the send status function that help you to keep your friends up to date on your exact location, so no one of you has to wait around unnecessarily. So, relax, sit back and enjoy your ride with complete peace, your friend will be right at the time when you just reach.

You can Rate the driver and vice versa:

After taking the ride, you can either rate (one to five stars) or can add a comment about the ride you have taken. With the feedback, the company can improve its services to make it friendly and comfortable for every rider.

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