Snowflakes Differ,

All you need to know about Snowflake Test

It must have occurred to you at least once during your time attending or organizing job interviews that almost every group has that one person who seems overzealous to the point of being annoying.

Someone who is so overconfident and high in the air that you want to slap them and tell them to leave.

Since everyone must be polite, that is not possible, but you could do something similar.

The CEO of Silent Partner Marketing, Kyle Reyes, created a test for interviewers that they can use to eliminate applicants that have the traits listed above.

The snowflake test will be the topic of discussion today.

The purpose, use, when it should not be used, and what to replace it with for a snowflake test.


Silent Partner Marketing CEO Kyle Reyes developed a ‘snowflake test’ for interviewers in order to help detect people who believe they are better than others and believe they are self-righteous.

What is the point of recognizing such people?

These people tend to be very self-focused and only think about themselves, which is not conducive to effective management.

It’s hard for them to listen to others’ opinions, and they tend to think they’re always right, so anything others suggest to them must seem worthless to them.

If an employer hired someone like this, how would they feel? Nowadays, businesses are based on teamwork.

With the help of a team, almost any task can be accomplished.

However, you still have to deal with supervisors and other divisions, even though your job does not revolve around a team.

Having employees who “don’t value other people’s opinions” is probably not in the company’s best interest, especially if they ascend to some higher position where they could use that same “power” against others.

An environment like this would destroy a positive workplace atmosphere, which is something you cannot tolerate.

Unsatisfied employees are less productive, resulting in lower profits.

See why the snowflake test is so controversial by viewing some sample questions.

Most Common Questions

  1. Is there anything you don’t like about guns?
  2. What does it bother you when your employees or clients carry guns?
  3. What do you think of the police?
  4. When did you last cry?
  5. Which are your favorite types of adult beverages?
  6. Can you tell me about your favorite breakfast?
  7. When you are bullied, what are your coping mechanisms?
  8. We are sitting in Starbucks with two friends. They say someone is going to shoot patrons with a gun in 15 seconds. A gun is offered to anyone who wants it. How will you react? And how do you proceed?
  9. What kind of faith do you practice?
  10. What should be the top priority? School or the street? Let me know how you would answer this.

Despite the fact that this test has many intriguing questions, there is still much more to discover. Don’t you think they’re all pretty nuts?

You can determine whether a person is a good fit for your company based on the answers to these questions.

The result is that you will be able to hire team players and coworkers who are capable of working together.

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